Best Celebrity Shoe Lines

A gorgeous pair of shoes can take your look to a whole new level and even help your confidence. Some celebrities with huge shoe collections try to create their own, hoping to deliver that It factor to fashion forward shoppers. Take a look at some of the best celebrity shoe lines, and decide which fits your style and budget best, from Sarah Jessica Parker’s $300+ pumps to more casual options from fashion powerhouse Jessica Simpson. SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker’s second shoe collection… Read More

10 of the Best Weight Loss Apps in 2014

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, check out a few apps that might become your fitness coach and private dietitian, making the entire weight loss process a lot easier. Discover the best weight loss apps 2014, from helpful apps that can guide your calorie counting process and apps that can help you stay motivated when working out to apps that reveal which produce is least likely to contain pesticides and apps that can help you train your mind for a new lifestyle…. Read More

Best Hair Trends for Fall 2014

Whether you’ve already started your fall trend shopping or not, take a big step ahead by choosing one of the biggest hair trends of the moment to complement your new Fall/Winter look. Discover the most important hair trends Fall 2014, from the coolest hairstyles seen on the runway and on the red carpet to the color trends for the new season. Whether you like your hair short or long, there’s plenty of cute trends to choose from. The Casual Lob The lob is back,… Read More

How to Get Over a Breakup Faster

Whether you’re dealing with a broken heart or just a painful breakup, taking the old school approach won’t really help you get over it faster. Find out how to speed up the process while also focusing on the lessons you should learn from your relationship. Learn how to get over a breakup faster by tweaking the traditional way of eating gallons or ice cream, getting yourself into debt with expensive purchases or giving up your tresses for a pixie cut. DON’T: Stay… Read More

Scary! 10 Toxic Ingredients in Hair Products

From shampoos to hair dyes, many toxic ingredients in hair products can affect more than just your hair. Learn more about the most dangerous ones that can actually have a big impact on your health. Make sure that you avoid using any hair products that contain these toxic ingredients in the long run. Even if you think you can’t escape dangerous chemicals whatever you do, avoiding these toxic ingredients in hair products is the right thing to do for your health. 1…. Read More

Waist Training – What You Need to Know About It

Corsets may have been in fashion in the 1800s, but they’re making a big comeback thanks to some daring claims made by their manufacturers. Corsets designed especially for waist training promise weight loss around the center of your body. Before buying your own, check out the waist training pros and cons, and find out what doctors have to say about the effects of working out in a very tight corset. What Is Waist Training? Produced by companies like Orchard Corset and Baboosh, waist cinchers compress… Read More

How to Talk to a Depressed Partner

A lack of understanding when it comes to mental illness makes many people treat clinical depression in other like an easily solvable problem, when in fact it’s anything but that. When you’re ready to talk to a depressed partner about how they’re feeling and how you can help, there are a lot of wrong things to say. Learn how to approach the situation carefully and respectfully, so your words don’t do more harm than good. Start by Acknowledging That Depression Is an Illness If… Read More

10 Worst Plus Size Fashion Mistakes

While many of these common mistakes are also relevant to a size 0 model, they’re especially dangerous when you’re shopping for plus size clothing. Others are specific to women who have a larger body, but still want to dress to feel both confident and comfortable. Check out the worst plus size fashion mistakes, and make sure that you’re not making any of them if you want to come across as stylish and well-dressed. 1. Wearing Something Unflattering to Be Courageous If you’re not really aware… Read More

Get Squeaky Clean Hair: Best Clarifying Shampoos

Generally intended for weekly or bimonthly use, depending on how much your hair is exposed to styling products, chlorine, and hard water, a clarifying shampoo is the perfect way to remove build-up and restore shine to your dull hair. Some of the best clarifying shampoos are designed to be used before a smoothing therapy, but all of them are just as efficient on any type of hair, whether or not you’re getting your tresses chemically treated in any way, including coloring. Alterna Bamboo Style Deep… Read More

Worst Hair Removal Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make

Even if you think you know everything you need about hair removal, you might be falling in a few common traps that end up hurting more than helping. If you’re ready to get the best results, then you need to avoid all the worst hair removal mistakes. From the right way to exfoliate to getting ready for laser hair removal and protecting your skin after it, here’s what you need to know about hair removal errors to stay away from in order… Read More