10 Most Famous Celebrity Trainers

With or without celebrities who promote their workouts, some personal trainers make it big, creating big brands that go beyond the celebrity association. Check out some of the most recognizable names in the business. Here are the most famous celebrity trainers, from former boxers to dancers who knew how to make the best out of their training and determination in order to help both Hollywood A-listers and regular people get in the best shape possible. Tracey Mallett Creator of The Booty Barre, a… Read More

10 Dating Rules You Should Break

There are a lot of useful old school dating rules that increase the success of a good matching, but many are outdated and can end up doing more harm than good. Instead of playing games, be yourself at the start of the dating process, and you’ll have a much higher chance at finding the right match. Here are the dating rules you should break, in order to increase your shot at having a good time and getting a successful start to your new… Read More

10 Rules to Wearing the Matchy-Matchy Look

Matching separates have been called a lot bad things over the years, from old-fashioned to tacky and costumey, but in the past year they’ve transitioned to one of the hottest runway looks. Featured in many Fall 2014 and resort 2015 collections, including Gucci and Ralph Lauren, matching separates are here to stay. Take a look at the most important matchy-matchy style rules, that can help you navigate this trend while keeping it stylish and chic. 1. Stick to Just Two Separates Once you accept… Read More

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

With price tags that make them available to a wide range of buyers, celebrity fragrances rarely manage to impress and make a lasting connection with their audience. More often than not, they end up smelling cheap or simply unsophisticated. Check out a few of the worst celebrity fragrances, perfumes that failed to impress any connoisseurs, and which also rubbed many casual buyers the wrong way. Signature Summer for Her by David & Victoria Beckham Launching a total of 23 fragrances in less than a… Read More

Best Lip Gloss for Kissing

Few lip glosses have the rare quality of being great for kissing, by staying put on your lips while also offering a subtle aroma for the lips that touch yours. Take a look at some the top contenders for the title of best lip gloss for kissing, and decide which is the perfect fit for your sexy pout. From vitamin infused glosses to mineral and plant formulas, you’ll definitely find at least one great lip gloss to try, whether you’re planning to… Read More

Best Fresh Fragrances for Women

Many classic perfumes are intoxicating with their strong floral notes or spicy charm, but aren’t exactly a good fit for the modern woman, who wants to feel energized by her perfume, whether she’s going to the office or jogging in the park. Discover a few of the best fresh fragrances for women, that deliver a clean and appealing perfume in a variety of interpretations. From citrusy fragrances to floral aquatics, take a look at some of the best choices for a fresh day… Read More

Fall 2014 Makeup Color Trends

Whether or not you’ve started working on your fall wardrobe, get ready to try the hottest makeup shades for the new season, for both your eyes and lips. Making the jump from the runway to the red carpet, the Fall 2014 makeup color trends can help you shape your color palette for the new season. Find out which are the hottest shades this fall, after making a strong impression at Fashion Week. Blue Eyeshadow After becoming one of the most important shades of… Read More

Most Romantic Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Every wedding is romantic, but some gowns set the tone for a truly special experience. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own upcoming wedding day or just want to see a few gorgeous celebrity wedding dresses, check out these gorgeous gowns. From Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress to iconic gowns like Grace Kelly’s and Princess Diana’s, here are a few of the most romantic celebrity wedding dresses, ranging from classic designs to more modern interpretations of the romantic bride. Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress… Read More

How to Talk to Your Partner About an Open Relationship

Monogamy continues to be the default for relationships, so discussing a different choice may seem like a very difficult proposition. If you’re interested in hooking up outside of your relationship, but don’t want to be a cheater, this is one discussion you must have. Learn the basics of how to talk to your partner about an open relationship, in order to make the experience as effective as possible. Start by being honest with yourself and move on from there with these simple tips. Figure Out… Read More

Flexitarian Diet Pros and Cons

Created by Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian, the Flexitarian diet promises both short and long-term weight loss, along with many health benefits and even extend your life. Becoming a flexible vegetarian may be the right choice both in losing weight and preventing disease, according to Blatner’s 2010 book “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease, and Add Years to Your Life”. Find out more about the basics of this diet before deciding if it’s a… Read More