Braid Over Braid Side Ponytail Tutorial

What better way to perk up Rapunzel locks than the latest oh-so-cool braids? Up your braiding game and earn serious style points by adding this eye-catching detail to your everyday looks and take your braiding skills to a whole new level with this interesting braid over braid technique. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to do a braid on braid hairstyle!Start by brushing tangles out and sweep hair over to one side. Section lengths into two with… Read More

10 Biggest Fitness Mistakes You Might Be Making

Going to the gym can have different results for different people, based on the quality of the workout. Check out a few errors that can work against your progress and make workouts harder. Once you know how to avoid the biggest fitness mistakes, you’ll be able to maximize your workout potential and lose weight or gain muscle a lot more efficiently. Here are the most common bad fitness choices that you might be making without realizing it. 1. Working Out without a Plan Going… Read More

Best Foods to Eat When Sick

When you’re sick, proper nutrition is very important, since it can mean the difference between helping your immune system fight the infection quicker and your body get over the symptoms or putting an obstacle in the way of your recovery. Check out a few of the best foods to eat when sick, whether you’re dealing with a fever, a stomach flu, a cold, or even allergies. They can boost your immunity or soothe your stomach, helping you recover faster. Forget about “starving a… Read More

Why is Karl Lagerfeld Famous?

Renowned for his iconic sunglasses, Kard Lagerfeld is the weird fashion elitist for many, but his legacy includes a lot more than his outlandish persona. As the Chanel chief designer for 31 years, his influence in the business is immense, but his accomplishments include a lot more. Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion legacy has been recognized countless times, including in 2010, when he received the Couture Council Fashion Visionary Award from the Fashion Institute of Technology. From his creative involvement with brands such as Chloé… Read More

10 Makeup Brushes You NEED in Your Kit

Whether you buy high end products or drug store makeup, the final effect of the application rests on the quality of your brushes and your expertise. If you’re going to invest in your makeup, start with good brushes that can deliver the best results. Check out the 10 must have makeup brushes, and find out why some brushes are better than others, along with a few useful tips on using them to make the application look professional. From the right foundation brush… Read More

How to Deal With Difficult In-Laws

Whether you make a first good impression on your in-laws or not, keeping a good relationship with them is important, for the sake of your significant other. If conflicts and tensions arise, here’s what you need to do when you’re facing difficult in-law relationships. Find out how to deal with difficult in-laws, and improve your relationship with them for your sake and for the sake of your partner. In 10 steps, here’s how you should be able to deal with in-laws who… Read More

Best Foods for Skin Repair

A few vitamins and minerals are very important for the state of your skin. Vitamin C, and other antioxidants, along with zinc, selenium and protein can help you out when you’re skin is having issues. Discover a few of the best foods for skin repair, and find out why they’re important for your complexion. While taking multivitamins certainly helps, getting the right nutrients from the best foods for your skin can have a more beneficial effect in the long run. Avocado One of… Read More

Best Eating Habits of the Skinny

If you’re struggling to lose weight or keep it off, restrictive diets may not be the best way to reach and keep your ideal weight. Instead, healthy eating habits can lead to sustainable weight loss, and skinny people are a good place to start. Take a look at a few of the best eating habits of the skinny, which might help you lose the extra pounds or simply stay at your target weight without having to resort to diets with severe calorie restrictions. Focus… Read More

Kate Middleton’s Best Maternity Looks

After Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, announced her second pregnancy, fashionistas rejoiced, since her maternity looks were definitely some of her best outfits. Will the duchess top her style evolution with her second pregnancy? Check out Kate Middleton’s best maternity looks and choose your favorite outfit. If Prince George helped Kate’s style, the new prince or princess will definitely do the same, making the duchess the most fashionable pregnant woman on the planet. Here are her best maternity looks of the duchess from 2013: 60th Anniversary… Read More

TLC Diet Pros and Cons

Created by the National Institutes of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program and endorsed by the American Heart Association, the TLC diet plan is focused on lowering “bad” cholesterol. Similar to the DASH Diet and Ornish Diet, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet offer a very heart-healthy approach to losing weight. If you’re looking for a healthy long-term diet, it can definitely deliver a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, but it can’t match the more dramatic results of other diets. Before embarking on this lifestyle change, find… Read More