Best Dressed Characters on TV

With the help of risk-taking costume designers, more and more TV characters are starting trends and setting a high bar when it comes to gorgeous fashion. Discover best dressed characters on TV and find out what each of them brings to the table. From retro looks that spark your imagination to fashionistas that improve upon the latest trends, here are the TV characters that really make an impact on fashion. Olivia Pope – Scandal Kerry Washington is already turning into a style icon… Read More

How to End a First Date

There are many ways in which the end of a date can go wrong, even if you’re both really into each other. Find out how to banish the awkwardness and really end your first date on a positive note, based on your expectations for what happens next. Check out a few useful tips on how to end a first date whether you’re planning to see the guy again or not. Being prepared always helps, so make sure that you have transportation options… Read More

Worst Foods to Eat After Working Out

Eating less calories than how many you’ve just burned during your workout is a no-brainer, but where those calories come from counts just as much. Carbs and protein should be the biggest parts of your first meal after a workout. Fatty foods are among the worst foods to eat after working out, but there are more restrictions your should know. Besides paying attention to portion control, you’ll also have to choose what you eat carefully. Rewarding yourself with food after a workout is… Read More

How to Deal With the Silent Treatment

Interrupting any form of communication is a way that many couples deal with conflict, but experts agree it’s a really bad idea and it has no place in a healthy relationship. If your partner refuses to communicate after an argument, here’s how you should handle the situation. It’s not easy to deal with the silent treatment, but with the right advice you can make it a lot less hurtful. Discover the right way to react to it and find out how to… Read More

Spring 2015 Trends from Milan Fashion Week

From retro inspired designs to fresh takes on classic pieces, designers brought their A-game to Milan Fashion Week. Some trends mirrored the Spring 2015 ideas first seen on the runways in New York and London, but the Italian flair in Milan was unmistakeable. Check out the most important Spring 2015 trends from Milan Fashion Week, from the latest pants and belts to hair and makeup. Find out which Italian designers impressed fashion critics the most in Milan with these cool trends. 1970s Retro The… Read More

9 Spa Treatments for Cellulite

While there are many creams and lotions for cellulite that you can try at home, professional spa treatments are often much more effective when it comes to reducing the appearance of this issue. Discover the best spa treatments for cellulite and decide which one might be worth a try. At home, you can use anti-cellulite products that contain caffeine or vitamin A derivatives, and massage your problem vigorously, but a professional option can deliver better and longer lasting results. Here are your top… Read More

10 Life-Changing Diet Hacks

Staying motivated when you’re dieting can prove difficult, but with a few simple tips, you can improve your weight loss efforts and make your dietary restrictions a little more manageable. Check out some of the best diet hacks, and use them to get a little boost in your weight loss plan. From a few simple habits to streamlining the way you eat, these hacks will definitely help you make dieting easier and a bit more effective. Don’t Start Eating Without a Glass of… Read More

Best Mascaras, From Drugstore to High-end

Whether you’re looking for a clump-free waterproof mascara or the perfect lengthening and volumizing products, check out some of the best mascaras available, from the most respected brands in the cosmetic industry. Discover the top contenders for the title of best mascara 2014 and find out what makes them stand out. From innovative brushes to new formulas, these mascaras are some of the best choices you can make when looking for the perfect way of enhancing your lashes. Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara Get the most intense… Read More

10 Ways to Get Longer Lasting Hair Color

Even if you color your hair at the maximum allowed frequency, you might still have to deal with color fading or changing before your next coloring appointment. However, fading isn’t always inevitable, and you can always postpone it with a few great tips. Find out how to get longer lasting hair color by using the right products and developing the right habits to keep your shade vibrant for longer. From the preparation before coloring to the way you shower, here’s what you can do… Read More

How to Deal With Different Sleep Schedules

A good night’s sleep is important to manage stress levels and avoid any unnecessary tension in your relationship. When you have to deal with different sleep schedules than your partner, you’re not only risking upsetting your sleep, you might also run into emotional issues. Find out how to reach compromise when it comes to sleeping patterns and make the best out of a bad situation. Whether you and your partner have jobs that demand different sleep schedules, or you simply prefer snoozing at different… Read More