10 Foods That Help You Sleep

Without the right amount of sleep, your skin can suffer, and elevated levels of stress hormones can also wreak havoc on your weight loss efforts. If you want to get some quality sleep naturally, your first choice shouldn’t be medication, but natural sleep inducing foods. Check out a few of the most important foods that help you sleep, and start introducing them in your eating habits. Get your beauty sleep by eating them in the evening, and keep your portions reasonable, so… Read More

From Sexy to Slutty: Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Costumes

While many women are part of a backlash against “sexy profession” Halloween costumes, Kim Kardashian always took her outfits to the extreme on Halloween. The reality TV star skipped the 2013 Halloween party circuit because she was busy with North West, she’s bound to come back this year with some crazy new costumes. Check out some of Kim Kardashian’s sluttiest Halloween costumes, from superheroes and villains to big cats. No matter what idea you throw at her, Kim always knows how to crank… Read More

10 Signs You Need Couples Therapy

For many people, going to a couples counselor feels like failure, when it’s actually a brave thing to do that also proves you’re invested in the well-being of your relationship. Some things just don’t work themselves out, and a little outside help can go along way. Discover the most important signs you need couples therapy, and don’t wait on it. Going ahead and getting help when your relationship is in jeopardy is the right decision, especially when you’re dealing with these difficult issues…. Read More

10 Reasons to Date Outside Your Type

Even if you think you’ve got everything figured out about the perfect man, life can always surprise you. Whether your type is defined by personality or looks, sometimes it’s a good idea to step outside of your comfort zone and expand your dating horizon. Check out 10 great reasons to date outside your type, and find out which positive outcomes you might face, whether or not you end up in a relationship with someone who doesn’t fit your type. 1. Your Type… Read More

Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

Most fashion icons are trendsetters on their own, but when two of them get together, the results can be fantastic. Check out some of the fashionable celebrity couples in the world. Discover the secret fashion recipe behind some of the most stylish celebrity couples, and find out more about their influence on mainstream fashion. From Kimye and the Beckhams to musicians and royals, here are the couples that have earned their spot in fashion history. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Kimye made a big splash… Read More

2014 Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes

Tired of witches, vampires and historical figures that met a gruesome end? Inject some fun into your Halloween costume this year by finding inspiration in the big pop culture trends of the year, from the biggest box office movies, to other figures that made a big impact this year. Whether you plan on putting together your own Halloween party outfit or you want to save time by just renting a costume, check out some of the best ideas for 2014 pop culture… Read More

20s Flapper Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Try a retro beauty look this Halloween inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Learn how to recreate this signature 20s makeup look inspired by the Great Gatsby movie. Hide any imperfections and create a porcelain like base with a light shade sheer foundation. Set your foundation with loose powder. With the base done, move onto the eyes. To increase color payoff, use an eyeshadow primer on the upper and  lower eyelids, which will also make your 20s makeup last longer. Apply a shimmery-gold eyeshadow on the upper eyelid with… Read More

10 Things You Should Never Text Your Ex

Whether you decide to stay friends with your ex or need a clear breakup, the temptation to text inappropriate things can be very high. If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself or cringing every time you think about your moments of weakness, take a look at some of the things you should never text your ex. Obviously, rants about how they wronged you are never a good idea in text form, but some damaging texts can actually seem innocent when you press “send”…. Read More

Sombré, Splashlights, Bronde and More New Hair Coloring Techniques

Ombré and balayage are still going strong among the best hair coloring techniques of 2014, but a new crop of interesting ideas is also making a mark. Whether you’re interested in the latest runway coloring techniques or prefer to wait until a trend is adopted by celebrities, check out these great ideas for a perfect dye job. Going for a natural look with the new coloring techniques more and more salons are using is certainly one way to go, but you can… Read More

Foods That Mess With Your Metabolism

Refined carbs are at the top of the list when it comes to the worst foods for your metabolism, but they’re not the only culprits that can be responsible for weight gain or troubles with losing a few pounds. Foods rich in sugar are just as bad, so when you’re worried about weight loss, they might need to be reigned in. Discover a few of the foods that can slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain, along with other health issues,… Read More