Most Influential Teens in Fashion

Many celebrity teens have a growing impact on mainstream culture thanks to their huge social-media followings, but that’s not the only way teens make a difference in fashion. From Kendall and Kylie Jenner to a few teens you probably don’t know, here are the most influential teens in fashion, based on Time magazine’s list of 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014. Whether they’re in involved in showbiz, modeling or started their own fashion business, these might be the most influential teenagers when it… Read More

Worst Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Finding the right balance of humor and creepiness in your Halloween costume is difficult enough when you’re just brainstorming for one, but couples costumes can quickly go wrong unless you really think them through. Take a look at some of the worst Halloween couples costume ideas and try to avoid their negative connotations or outright offensiveness. Whether you’re planning on going as celebrities or you’re aiming for something more conceptual, here are the ideas that are better dropped before making your final choice. Hazmat… Read More

BB Cream vs. EE Cream and Everything in Between

The BB cream craze is fairly recent in the Western hemisphere, even though it’s been popular in Asian countries like South Korea and Japan for over 20 years. Its success led to the creation of CC creams, DD creams, and Estée Lauder is now launching the EE cream. Learn more about the differences of BB cream vs. CC cream vs. DD cream vs. EE cream and find out if each of these new types of products is replacing something old. If you’re… Read More

Bedtime Skin Care Mistakes We All Need to Stop Making

While starting your day with good skin is important, that has more to do with your night time skincare routine than with your morning one. Skin needs to repair itself overnight, and your skin care regimen can either help it or hinder it. Discover the worst bedtime skin care mistakes and do your best to avoid them for the sake of your skin, both in the short term and in the long run. Here are the bad skin care habits to banish… Read More

10 Signs He’ll Be a Good Father

Are you already fantasizing about having children together? Once you get to that place in your relationship, you should also try to determine what kind of a father he’s going to make, and check out if he already has good parenting skills. Learn the most important signs he’ll be a good father and see if they apply to your significant other. Even if your guy doesn’t fit all the criteria for an absolutely awesome dad right now, that doesn’t mean he can’t step… Read More

Whitening Toothpaste: 10 of the Best

A whitening toothpaste can help you achieve the bright smile you want without a harsh peroxide treatment that can affect the enamel of your teeth. Check out a few of the most effective products available. Discover the top contenders for the title of the best whitening toothpaste and find out what each of them brings to the table. From fluoride-free natural options to more aggressive products, check out the whitening toothpastes that actually work. Go Smile Truly Whitening Toothpaste System Combining the Clean &… Read More

Must Have Fashion Items for Fall/Winter 2014

Whether you’re still shopping or think you’ve completed your fall looks, check out a few Fall 2014 essentials that shouldn’t be missing from your closet. They can act as the backbone of your fall wardrobe for a trendy style. Here are the must have fashion items for Fall 2014, from the oversized sweater to the trendy lace-up heels that are sticking around for Spring 2015 too. With these chic basics, your fall wardrobe is almost complete, and you can enjoy a wide variety… Read More

Amazing Makeup Skills! Man Transforms Into Female Celebrities

Lo and behold the power of makeup! We all know what a little makeup can do to one’s looks, but watch this actor and TV host from the Philippines take it to a whole new level. 31-year-old Paolo Ballesteros spends hours and hours transforming into female celebrities using wigs, contact lenses and amazing makeup skills and the results are uncanny. He then posts photos of his transformations for his Instagram fans to see under the username @pochoy_29. If you… Read More

10 Reasons Why Your Ex Is Avoiding You

Feeling completely ignored by someone you just broke up with is not a good feeling, but you shouldn’t take it as a personal attack. Even if you ended things with a common agreement, things can still be weird for a while. If he seems to be going out of his way to not talk to you, the cause is probably one of the most reasons why your ex is avoiding you. Take a look back at your breakup and decide if your… Read More

The Perfect Belts for Your Body Type

In order to make the best of your belts, you need to know exactly what works for your proportions, from width and color to placement. Stop being afraid of belting dresses or cardigans, because you’ll do fine as long as you follow these simple style tips. Find out how to pick the best belts for your body type and wear them for a truly flattering look. From the size of your waist to your breasts, here’s how you can determine for yourself… Read More