Ornish Diet Pros and Cons

Created by Dr. Dean Ornish as both a weight loss tool and a way to prevent or reverse chronic disease, the Ornish diet has multiple benefits, along with a few downsides. Outlined in the book “The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health”, Ornish’s vision on a healthy lifestyle might not be for everyone. Find out more about the Ornish diet pros and cons before deciding if this weight loss plan is the right solution… Read More

How to Help Him Overcome His Fear of Commitment

There are many reasons why guys develop a fear of commitment and not all of them can be overcome. If you think your guy is worth the effort, there are a few things you can do to help him solve his issue. Find out how to help him overcome his fear of commitment, but don’t start with high expectations. Even if he’s aware of the problem, not every guy can get over it, or at least not in your timeframe. Start… Read More

10 Steps to Escape the Friend Zone (as a Girl)

When the guy you like sees you as a friend and not a romantic prospect, you should act fast. Staying in the friend role for too long decreases your chances of getting the relationship you want. However, there are quite a few things you can do to turn it around. Find out how to escape the friend zone and get him to take you seriously as a possible girlfriend. With the right tips, you’re increasing your chances of making it, but you shouldn’t… Read More

How to Make Him Understand Your Feelings

Good communication is fundamental for any relationship, so when your boyfriend doesn’t understand your feelings, there’s a big problem. Find out how to get through to him and help him relate to how you feel to bring your relationship to the next level. When you’re struggling with communication issues, here’s how to make him understand your feelings. These simple tips can improve the way you relate to each other, which can only mean good things for your relationship. Find the Right Time to Talk When… Read More

10 Lazy Ways to Stay Thin

Staying skinny has a lot to do with genes, but it’s also influenced by the way you eat. If you’re looking for a lazy approach to keeping your weight stable, the right habits can make all the difference. Try the lazy girl’s guide to staying at your ideal weight. Check out the most effective lazy ways to stay thin and enjoy your figure without having to diet regularly or work out every other day. These simple tips can be the perfect way for… Read More

Why Start Botox Early and Why Not

Injecting neurotoxins in your face is not for everyone, but more and more women are getting Botox at an early age hoping to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Many dermatologists agree that’s effective, but others warn of the dangers of getting regular Botox injection earlier than your late thirties. Botox injections include a purified form of the neurotoxin produced by the bacteria clostridium botulinum and they work by preventing “communication” between nerves and muscles. The process keeps skin smooth by basically paralyzing facial… Read More

Eat These Foods for a Smaller Waist!

Replacing refined grains with whole grains and eating plenty of protein have been linked by multiple studies with less fat in the abdominal area. These simple tips are a good starting but there’s more you could be doing in order to improve your waistline. Check out a few natural foods for a smaller waist, that can make a real difference in your abdominal area both with increasing the rate of fat burning and with fighting bloating and getting rid of water weight…. Read More

Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories

It’s very easy to overindulge in sweets on Halloween, which is why it’s important to always keep a tab on all the calories, fats and sugar that you’re eating or handing out to trick-or-treaters. When you’re craving something sweet, crunchy or fruity, there are some of your best options. Check out some of the best Halloween treats under 100 calories, that can satisfy your sweet tooth, whether you prefer dark or milk chocolate and creamy or crunchy. Remember to look for fun size… Read More

Face Slimming Updo Hair Tutorial

Full of shine and texture, this face slimming updo gets a chic finish by taking it up and to the side. There’s a slight volume at the roots for height, then curly tendrils up top are tugged to the side for a soft, face-framing style.  Face Slimming Updo StylingStart by dividing hair into two, twist crown section and clip it out of the way. Add texture with a curling iron, working your way from the nape to the crown. After… Read More

Girl Code: Rules for Dating Your Friend’s Ex

In many circles, dating your friend’s ex is simply something you can’t do, whether she just broke up with him or had a short fling more than a decade ago. However, the number of good single guys can feel very small, so more and more women are learning to navigate these dangerous waters. If you follow the most important rules for dating your friend’s ex, your friendship stands a bigger chance of surviving the experience. Here’s what you need to do if… Read More