How to Handle a Breakup on Social Media

Once you’ve ended a relationship, things can get tricky when it comes to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Should you block? Should you delete? Should you just leave it all in because it was an important part of your life? Learn how to handle a breakup on social media with a few simple tips. Whether you ended the relationship or got dumped, your attitude on social media sites can say a lot about you right after a break-up, so here’s what to do and… Read More

How to Hide a Baby Bump

Hiding your baby in the first trimester can be easy, if you choose the right style advice to pull it off. Even before the actual baby bump is visible, you might notice a pre-bump, caused by hormones and bloating. Stay on top of your fashion choices to keep your secret until you’re ready to share it with everyone. Find out how to hide a baby bump, without resorting to the super obvious empire waistline, that will actually draw attention to your belly and… Read More

How to Wear Ankle Boots This Season

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The Secrets All Happy Couples Have in Common

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10 Best Maternity Clothes Hacks

Maternity clothes are often overpriced and their use is very limited. Instead of breaking the bank to build a whole new wardrobe for yourself during pregnancy, try a few hacks that can help you save money and get the most out of your closet. With the help of the best maternity clothes hacks, you’ll be able to feel both stylish and comfortable, while also saving up for buying onesies for your baby. Find out how to make the right choices for your maternity… Read More

How to Deal with Dating a Single Father

When you’re dating a single dad, things are a lot more complicated than you might think at first. You’re not only dating a guy, you’re also auditioning for a part in the family. Find out how to deal with dating a single father and navigate the dangers of this complicated relationship. From managing your expectations to knowing how to respect his boundaries when it comes to his child or children, here’s what you can expect from a relationship with a single parent. Understand… Read More

10 Signs You Need to Change Your Hairdresser

The most obvious reason to change your hair stylist has to do with their expertise. If they specialize in long hair and you’ve decided to get a pixie cut, there should be no hard feelings when you part ways. However, things are more complicated than that most of the time. Learn how to spot the signs you need to change your hairdresser and you might improve the state of your hair with a simple change. Loyalty is important, but sometimes other things… Read More

10 Ways to Ruin Your Self Tanning

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How to Kick Your Soda Habit for Good

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10 Signs Your Hair Is Damaged

There are many ways in which you can inflict damage on your hair, from styling it with heat to chemical processing, but the effects of your mistakes take time to really show themselves. Once you get used to seeing the signs your hair is damaged early on, you can do something about quickly to prevent further problems. Find out how to test your hair and see just how it’s doing before spending money on expensive treatments that promise to fix the problem. 1…. Read More