10 Holiday Shopping Mistakes We All Make

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be very rewarding, but when you’re scheduling your holiday shopping, you have to take a lot of things into account and plan carefully. Avoid the biggest holiday shopping mistakes with a few simple tips. Staying organized and sticking to your budget are a must, but there are a few other errors that could derail you when you’re shopping for gifts. Here’s how to avoid them this year. 1. Shopping Too Late Leaving your holiday… Read More

Worst Excuses for Breaking Up

Being honest can be difficult, but when you decide to end a relationship, it’s usually better to speak your mind about the reasons that made you want to break up. If you avoid the real issue and keep making excuses, you’re doing a disservice to the guy and all his future girlfriends. While brutal honesty can sometimes be too much, using one of the worst excuses for breaking up can genuinely leave him confused about your real reasons. Instead of being vague… Read More

Exercises to Avoid If You Have Back Problems

Any type of exercise can hurt you and cause pain when you’re doing it wrong, but some types of exercise are particularly bad for your back, even if they seem very common and completely benign. Learn how to avoid exercises that hurt your back, so you’ll minimize any pain that you’re experiencing, and prevent future problems and pain. Whether you’ve experienced back pain or just want to make sure that you won’t, here are the exercises to avoid. Toe Touches Part of many… Read More

10 Detoxing Mistakes to Avoid

While some people think detox diets and cleanses are overrated, others find them very useful, whether they want to lose weight, improve their health or simply transition to a more healthy way of eating. No matter if you want to flush out the toxins with a juice cleanse, a soup diet or another type of cleanse, the detoxing mistakes to avoid are the same. Make sure that you’re choosing the right plan for your needs and that you avoid the common errors… Read More

Foods That Make You Look Tired

When you’re getting ready to look your best for a big event, it’s important to avoid foods that can mess with your skin or make you look puffy. By reducing them in your diet for a few days, you’ll really see a difference. Here are the foods that make you look tired, foods and drinks that you should avoid when you need to look great. From excessive sugar and salt to trans fats and heavily processed foods, here are the worst choices for… Read More

Best (or Worst?) Celebrity Makeup Fails

While most red carpet fails are wardrobe malfunctions, some celebrities experience a different kind of embarrassing moment, when their makeup looks really bad in front of the photographers’ flashlights. See a few of the most memorable red carpet makeup fails, from Angelina Jolie to Lindsay Lohan, makeup mistakes that completely ruined their look. Makeup artists may have their bad days, but these red carpet fails are still remembered because they would have been really easy to prevent. Angelina Jolie’s Makeup Fail: Powder… Read More

The 10 Worst Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Even if things are going great in your relationship, a few topics of conversation can create tension, from a cringe worthy moment to a full blown fight. Be tactful and stay away from the things that most men usually react to in a very negative way. Here are the worst things to say to your boyfriend, topics and phrases to avoid if you want to maintain a positive atmosphere in your relationship. 1. “Promise me you’ll keep this to yourself…” Even if you’ve been together… Read More

Major Long Distance Relationship Problems Solved

A long distance relationship has many obstacles, but with the right tools, you can overcome them and keep the passion alive without growing apart. Check out a few long distance relationship problems solved and apply these solutions for your special connection. With good communication and a few simple ways of dealing with the biggest problems that can arise in any long term relationship, you’ll be able to keep the spark alive until your reunite. Here are the most common issues that can ruin… Read More

Scrub Yourself Soft: Best Body Exfoliators

Getting rid of dead skin cells all over your body keeps your skin soft and smooth, and gently massaging a good body exfoliator on your skin can also improve circulation for a beautiful skin tone. Whether you’re just looking to exfoliate dry patches or experience smoothness all over, try some of the best products that can help you achieve a great result. Check out some of the best body exfoliators, each with their own unique formula, and you’ll notice an instant improvement… Read More

7 Celebrity Smoothie Recipes

The perfect smoothie has to offer more than just excellent nutritional benefits. Combine the nutritional value of a fruit and vegetable smoothie with a delicious taste, and you’ve got some of the best celebrity smoothie recipes. Try these recipes, from Blake Lively’s detox smoothie and Kourtney Kardashian’s “lose the baby weight” smoothie to green and red smoothies from Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow. Start your day with a deliciously healthy smoothie and you won’t regret it. Blake Lively’s Intoxicating Detoxification Smoothie One of the best… Read More