What Products You Should and Shouldn’t Mix in Your Skin Care

Choosing the best skin care products for your skin type should be the first step in perfecting your beauty routine. Once you know what works for you, you can also experiment with mixing them, as long as you pay attention to a few basic tips. Learn some of the most important dos and don’ts for mixing skin care products, so you can avoid using ingredients that “cancel” each other out or similar ingredients that can cause dryness or redness when used together…. Read More

10 Best Relationship Hacks to Keep Love Alive

Making a little effort goes a long way in any relationship, so if you want to become or stay a happy couple, trying a few relationship life hacks can certainly help. There are plenty of things you can hack for the better in a relationship and trying them even once can have a positive effect. From knowing how to pick your battles to avoiding a few negative situations that don’t benefit anyone, here are some of the best relationship hacks. Try these… Read More

How to Handle a Holiday Breakup

Ending a relationship is more common around the holidays, since many couples feel a lot more tension and stress than usual. Whether you’ve decided to break up or you’ve been dumped unexpectedly, you’re probably stressing out over it because it’s around the holidays. Find out how to handle a holiday breakup in order to navigate through this difficult time without giving up on holiday cheer completely. It doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup, here are the most important things that you should focus… Read More

10 Healthy Things to Do in Your First Trimester

Your first trimester can be really difficult if you’re struggling with morning sickness, which affects more than half of all pregnant women, but it’s also an important time to make some positive changes in your lifestyle. Check out some of the most important healthy things to do in your first trimester, from taking the right supplements to reducing your caffeine intake. Find out what other good habits can have a positive effect on your pregnancy, either by reducing the risk of complication or… Read More

Vintage Shopping Mistakes You Might Be Making

Shopping vintage can be a more challenging experience than just going to the mall, but it’s definitely worth it when you’re looking for a unique look. Whether you shop in boutiques, thrift stores or online, it’s important to avoid a few errors that most vintage shoppers regret. Discover the worst vintage shopping mistakes and improve your shopping experience by making sure that you’re only spending your money on quality items that you’ll get to wear plenty of times. Pay attention to these details… Read More

Best Dressed Celebrities of 2014

While some celebrities made a lasting impression during the awards season, other have consistently shown that they either have great taste or know how to choose a stylist that’s on top of their game. See the best dressed celebrities of 2014, and choose your favorite for the title of best dressed star of the year. From Lupita Nyong’o’s flawless streak of fashion choice to Rihanna’s bold choices, here are the celebrities who really made a big fashion statement this year. Lupita Nyong’o With more… Read More

How to Prevent a Hangover

Starting your day hung over is never fun, but there are plenty of things you can do in order to diminish or just completely prevent the symptoms of a hangover. The trick is to make sure that you’re making the right decisions the night before. Find out how to prevent a hangover, from the simplest tips like staying hydrated to a few other details that can help you have fun without paying for it the next day. It’s always better to drink… Read More

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

While most New Year’s resolutions don’t last for long, you can stick to it for much longer if you have the same goals as your partner. The emotional support can really help you take your resolution well beyond the second week of January. Try these New Year’s resolutions for couples or sit down with your partner and set your own goals, that benefit both of you and the relationship in the long run. If you don’t really know what kind of resolution works… Read More

10 Foods That Give You a Natural Tan

Eating the right fruits and vegetables can have a huge impact on the health of your skin, but they can also contribute to giving it a gorgeous glow. Multiple studies have shown that eating these beta-carotene rich fruits and vegetables can impact the color of your skin in as little as four weeks (for 5 servings a day). Rich in carotenoids and antioxidants, the foods that give you a natural tan include yellow and orange vegetable and fruits, along with dark green leafy… Read More

10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a great gift giver, you probably want to match him or even surprise him with the best present ever for the holidays. However, some of the most common gifts that guys get aren’t that inspired or appreciated. Check out some of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend, presents that generally get forgotten right after the holidays. Remember that if he’s really excited about something and you know exactly what that is, you don’t have to avoid it, but… Read More