10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Nails

Taking good care of your nails can prevent a lot of problems, from changes in color to brittleness, which is why it’s important to avoid a few bad nail habits, particularly if you keep them covered with polish or acrylics most of the time. Find out which bad ideas to avoid when it comes to your nails, so you can make sure they’ll stay healthy and look great, even without any polish. From skipping important steps in the manicure process to getting rough… Read More

How to Feel Comfortable in High Heels

After finding the perfect high heels, you sometimes discover that they’re wreaking havoc on your feet. Don’t suffer for fashion when you have plenty of options to also feel comfortable while looking your best in sexy heels. From the right way to walk to products that help you avoid a wide range of foot issues, here’s how to feel comfortable in high heels, while also looking amazing. Try these great tips to avoid foot pain and other problems while you’re rocking gorgeous heels…. Read More

Celebrities Who Love Vintage Clothing

Even if they can have their pick of the latest collections, some celebrities decide they want more than just trendy clothes and opt for vintage pieces, from gowns to accessories. While most looks with vintage items are put together by stylists, some celebrities know how to find their own treasures in vintage boutiques. Check out a few celebrities who love vintage clothing and learn more about the way they fuse the old and new in their looks. While some made a splash on… Read More

Vintage Clothing Care Tips and Tricks

If you want to get the most out of your vintage purchases, you have to know how to take care of them correctly. From cleaning to storing, vintage clothes need special care and attention in order to stay beautiful. Check out some of the best vintage clothing care tips, from washing instructions to ironing tips and storage solutions. While gentle hand washing is the safest option when it comes to keeping your vintage buys looking their best so they add to your… Read More

10 Tricks to Wear Bold Lipstick

When you’re experimenting with bolder shades of lipstick for the first few times, don’t go for the high pigmented colors right away. A better way to get used to bold lipstick is to start with sheer coverage and slowly build up more color with a gloss. If you’re ready for a more dramatic look, find out how to wear bold lipstick, from selecting the right shade to making sure that it stays put throughout the day without the need for constant reapplying…. Read More

How to Tell Him It’s Over

Breaking up is rarely easy, and it can hit your guy particularly hard if he doesn’t expect it at all. Figuring out how to tell him it’s over is important before you actually do it, in order to minimize the impact of the break-up on both of you. Whether you plan on staying friends with your future ex or not, it’s important to break up in a kind way. Respect the good moments you shared by breaking up with a little care. Make… Read More

10 Blush Hacks That Will Change Your Makeup Game

Picking the right blush for your skin type and finding the perfect brush are just the first two steps in making the most out of your blush. From applying correctly for your face shape to making your own blush from natural pigments, try these easy ideas. With the help of the best blush hacks, you’ll get more that perfect application. These simple tips and tricks for using blush on your cheeks, and even your lips, will help expand your makeup repertoire for… Read More

How to Find the Perfect Little Black Dress

Knowing what works for you can help you find a little black dress that will get you compliments every time you wear it. Choosing the right LBD is easy when you start when you know what to look for based on your body type and bust. Learn how to find the find the perfect little black dress, by mixing your personal style with the shapes and cuts that flatter your body in the best way. From the boyish or rectangular figure to plus… Read More

10 Healthy Hair Habits

Whether your hair is naturally straight or curly, keeping it healthy is related to a few good habits that will make it look gorgeous every day. From shampooing the right way to brushing it when it counts, these good habits will ensure that your hair stays beautiful. Start forming these healthy hair habits and your tresses will get plenty of compliments. Sticking to your hair care routine is very important, and with the help of these good habits, you’ll be able to… Read More

What Not to Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

You might appreciate some advice from your friends at the beginning of a relationship, but when things get serious, you should cultivate the intimacy between you and your partner, not share every detail with other people who are close to you. Find out what not to tell your friends about your relationship for a wide variety of reasons, from betraying the trust of your guy to accidentally turning your friends against him and the relationship. Things He Doesn’t Know When you’re in a committed… Read More