10 Quick Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair

Giving your scalp a break from daily shampooing is very important, whether you decide to simply wash your hair with conditioner or opt for dry shampoo. However, it’s not always easy to make unwashed hair look fresh and cute.Check out some of the best hairstyles for unwashed hair. Some work better when you haven’t shampooed in the last 24 hours, others manage to hide the fact that you’re not rocking freshly washed hair in a stylish way…. Read More

Perfect Arches: Best Celebrity Eyebrows

While A-listers have access to the most expensive and experienced eyebrow shapers and makeup artists, few actually manage to inject a wow factor in their brows. Those who do either opt for a bold look, gorgeously defined brows or amazing arches. Whether you’re inspired by natural looks or eyebrows that have been groomed to perfection, these celebs capture the full spectrum of beautiful eyebrows that deserve your admiration. See some of the best celebrity eyebrows, and find your own brow style icon. Remember that… Read More

10 Reasons You’re Drifting Apart

If you’re starting to see warning signals in your relationship, because you’re not connecting with your guy the same way you used to, the first thing you should do is figure out the cause. That way, you’ll have a chance to fix it before it’s too late. Find our more about the reasons you’re drifting apart, and you’ll be able to figure out if the relationship is salvageable. Counseling can certainly help, as long as you’re both committed to fixing it. 1…. Read More

10 Weight Loss Solutions That Are Permanent

Surrounding yourself with people who are supportive when it comes to your weight loss efforts is very important, but if you’re looking to succeed in dropping the pounds and keeping them off, it’s all up to you. Find out more about the best permanent weight loss solutions, from transitioning to a healthier and more active lifestyle and surgical options to medical issues that are preventing you from losing weight and emotional issues that might be at the core of the problem. 1…. Read More

10 Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Perfect

Knowing what works for your features and for your complexion is great, but it can also keep you limited in your makeup options. There are plenty of classic makeup looks that work for everyone, and you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying them. Discover the most important makeup looks you should perfect in order to be ready to any kind of event or occasion. If you’ve already got a few of them down, learn some useful tips about the others, and you’ll be… Read More

He’s Moving Away… Can Your Relationship Survive?

Long distance relationships are difficult, and when your guy is moving away, but you can’t pack up and go with him, there are some hard choices ahead. If it’s a new relationship, you’re better off letting it go, but if you’ve been through a lot together, there are a few ways you can try to make it work. If he’s moving away, both of you need to help your relationship survive with both your attitudes and your actions. Here are the best ways… Read More

Intimate Bleaching Pros and Cons

Once Brazilian waxing became popular, more and more women were surprised to find the skin in their intimate areas darker than they expected. Adult film stars also had a big role in increasing interest for anal bleaching and vaginal lightening. From spas that offer an initial treatment, then sell you bleaching products to use at home, to laser procedures performed by MDs, skin lightening seems to be taking off. Find out more about the intimate bleaching pros and cons before you decide… Read More

Most Wearable Winter Fashion Trends

Bright red, orange and pink had a big presence on the New York, Paris, London, and Milan runways, but they’re not the most easy colors to wear for winter. Find out what other trends might be better suited to your style. Discover the most wearable winter 2016 fashion trends, and start shopping in order to upgrade your style for the new season. From chunky knits to block heels, here are the big trends that are easy to wear and quite versatile. Chunky Knits… Read More

10 Reasons Why Your Sex Drive Is Low

A low sex drive might endanger your relationship, since it can make your partner feel rejected and unfulfilled, and it can also prevent you from finding a satisfying relationship. From hormonal changes to bad habits, there are many reasons why your sex drive is low. Learn more about the common factors that affect your libido negatively and do something about it, since a low sex drive will also have unwanted consequences on your emotional well-being. 1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep If you’re struggling… Read More

MTV VMA 2015 Red Carpet – Most Memorable Looks

Held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards took outrageous red carpet looks to the next level, and host Miley Cyrus set the tone with some pretty crazy fashion choices. Check out the MTV VMA 2015 red carpet most memorable looks, from the best dressed celebrities to A-listers who got pummeled by fashion critics. From Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian West, see the most impressive red carpet looks. Miley Cyrus As the host of the awards ceremony,… Read More