How to Help Him Be More Confident

If your guy lacks confidence, that can certainly translate into some trouble for the relationship. His self esteem should be his problem, but if you care about him, you have quite a few options to help him out. Sometimes the right way to go is not to address the problem head on, but instead to start with a few subtle ways of encouraging him and helping him overcome the issue. If that doesn’t help, there are a few more steps that you… Read More

10 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend

A bit of jealousy and possessiveness is healthy in most relationships, but when it’s going too far, it can become a huge problem. If your guy is more jealous than most, you’ll need to do two things: take his feelings into consideration, while also knowing when to draw the line. Find out how to deal with a jealous boyfriend without making him feel bad about it, but without letting him control you either. From a little bit of leeway on your part,… Read More

The Ways to Lose Weight in 2015

Fats may be coming back in 2015, but refined sugar is definitely on its way out, and plenty of replacements are vying to take its place. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or to make sure that you’re making the healthiest food choices, check out the best diet trends 2015. From brand new diet books that are already making an impact to rediscovering classics like cauliflower and bone broth, here are the major dieting trends that are going big this… Read More

Butter Up with the Best Body Butters

Hydrating your skin without leaving any greasy residues, body butter can be the perfect hand moisturizer, while also helping you deal with rough skin patches or dry cuticles. Check out some of the best body butters and you won’t go back to lotion. Whether you’re looking for a 100% organic option or for a body butter that also delivers amazing aromatherapy benefits along with its moisturizing power, here are 10 excellent options that you should consider. Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Body Butter If you’re… Read More

Beauty Tips to Use During Your Period

The big hormonal changes that your body goes through when you’re on your period can also wreak havoc on your skin. From enlarged pores to dull skin and from puffiness to flat hair, here are the most common period beauty issues and their solutions. Discover a few excellent beauty tips to use during your period in order to fight a lot of problems that are caused by hormone shifts. Whether you’re dealing with acne, oily skin or other period related skin problems,… Read More

This Is How You Wear a Sparkly Dress

Metallics are becoming a big trend on the red carpet. While this sexy look isn’t for the office, you can certainly make a big splash on special occasions with the right amount of sparkle. Whether you love sequins or metallic dresses are your thing, find out how to wear a sparkly dress to full effect. From choosing the right accessories to making sure that your hair and makeup don’t detract from the dress, here are the most important style tips for sparkly… Read More

Eyebrow Bleaching 101

Bleaching eyebrows has been around for a while, but the look really took off in Fall 2014, both on the runways and with celebrities. If you’re tempted to try it out, learn more about the process and the effects on your brows and your overall look. From gently lightening the color of your brows to making them “invisible”, there are many interpretations to the trend. Check out a few very important bleaching eyebrows tips that will help you make the decision if the… Read More

Spring/Summer 2016 Trends from Fashion Week

The four major Fashion Week events showcased the coolest trends for Spring and Summer 2016. From the runways of New York and London to Paris and Milan, find out which trends are likely to have a global impact next year. Check out the best Fashion Week Spring 2016 trends, and decide which ones will make a splash in your own wardrobe come spring. From Victorian inspiration to bows, ruffles and square necklines, here are the biggest trends that deserve your attention. Victorian Style From… Read More

10 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong

When you perform exercises for a long time, you might forget about the rules and important details that make them effective. That’s how you end up with exercises you’re doing wrong, and that means that your muscles are getting less of a workout. From planks and lunges to exercising with a jump rope or stair machine, here are a few common mistakes that are preventing you from getting the best workout and might even be causing harm. Take the time to analyze your exercise… Read More

10 Red Carpet Trends from the 2015 Golden Globes

Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony featured stunning red carpet looks and plenty of style inspiration. Red, white and blue were the major colors and halter necklines made a comeback. Check out some of the best 2015 Golden Globes red carpet trends and find out which celebrities picked the most successful looks. From old Hollywood glamor to sexy and more risqué outfits, here are the major trends that made a splash on Sunday, January 11, at… Read More