How NOT to Ruin Your Eyelash Extensions

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9 Rules for Dating a Friend

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Best Beauty Treatments That Work in 10 Minutes or Less

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10 Fragrances You Can Wear to Work

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9 Relationship Apps for a Better Love Life

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9 Ways to Get Rid of Cankles

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10 Steps to Rekindle a Relationship After a Break

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Diet with Beyoncé! Queen B Launches Vegan Home Delivery Meal Service

While Beyoncé still includes fish in her diet, she’s a big fan of plant-based meals. The singer decided to team up with 22 Days Nutrition for a new vegan meal delivery service, based on some of her favorite recipes. After going on a vegan cleanse in 2013 along with Jay Z, Beyoncé decided to share her experience, offering the plant-based home delivery meal service. Find out what goodies are part of the Beyoncé diet and why she’s so excited about them. Beyoncé’s… Read More

How NOT to Start a Diet

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Workout Secrets of the Stars

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