Grammys 2016: Dresses, Trends, Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks

The 2016 Grammys kicked of with lots of style at the Staples Center, Los Angeles on Monday February 15). The red carpet and Grammys dresses 2016 were just as fabulous as the Grammys show filled with over 20 amazing performances (except Rihanna’s which was canceled due to bronchitis, quite the disappointment), including some of the coolest collaborations to date. Red carpet events are the best indicators for new and upcoming fashion, makeup and hairstyle trends and we can expect many… Read More

10 Reasons Crash Diets Can Make You Gain Weight

It’s tempting to speed through the weight loss process with a crash diet for a week or two, but you should always be aware of all the risks and complications. Skipping meals or eating way less calories than you need can do more than damage your health, it can actually lead to the opposite of the intended effect. Find out more about the reasons crash diets can make you gain weight, and decide if you’re better off making smaller changes that lead to… Read More

10 Ways Valentine’s Day Can Hurt Your Relationship

While single people on Valentine’s Day definitely get the short end of the stick, couples can also feel less than wonderful around this time of the year. Check out the multiple ways Valentine’s Day can hurt your relationship. If you’re in a happy relationship, you’ll be fine, but the holiday that’s dedicated to romantic love can definitely create more tension for couples that are going through a rough patch. Find out how Valentine’s Day can turn into a negative. 1. Unrealistic Expectations The commercialization definitely… Read More

10 Grammy Awards 2015 Red Carpet Trends

Held at the at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, the 2015 Grammy Awards were the biggest night of the year for music, and plenty of celebrities brought their A-game to the stage and to the red carpet. Check out the biggest Grammy Awards 2015 red carpet trends, from sexy black gowns to more dramatic looks that definitely stood out. Menswear inspired looks were a big trend this year, along with lots of cleavage, and plenty of looks that were either… Read More

10 Reasons to Date a Feminist Man

Respect is part of the foundation of any healthy relationship, and you won’t really get it from a man who thinks equal rights have been truly achieved and feminism is just a fad for man-haters. Check out the top reasons to date a feminist man, and you might discover something that’s been missing from your previous relationships. While some guys just claim to be a feminist, but still retain ugly biases, you’ll know a real feminist from the way he treats all… Read More

Most Common Mistakes in Gluten Free Dieting

Going on a gluten-free diet takes a lot of work, so you shouldn’t try it as a fad diet when your main goal is weight loss. However, if you have celiac disease or another form of gluten intolerance or sensitivity, it can definitely bring a lot of relief. Discover the biggest gluten-free diet mistakes that beginners often make, and find out how to avoid them. From not checking labels beyond the gluten free claim to ignoring contamination, here are the major errors that… Read More

10 Best Celebrity Undercut Hairstyles

Sexy undercuts are making a splash on the red carpet as more and more celebrities rock this trend with plenty of success, from pop stars to Hollywood A-listers. Whether they keep their hair long or short, the shorn side and back are definitely a growing trend. If you’re looking for a little hair inspiration in order to get your own edgy look, check out some of the best celebrity undercut hairstyles. From Scarlett Johansson’s new look to celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Ellie Goulding… Read More

8 Fun Foods to Use in Bed

Whether you’re completely vanilla or like to try some kinky things as well, food can definitely make a difference in the bedroom. The secret to successfully using it in your lovemaking is to choose the right types of food and take a few precautionary measures. Discover the best foods to use in bed, but remember that food play is usually safer from the waist up. Even the most benign looking foods can cause trouble, from irritation to yeast infections when they get… Read More

TV Shows That Deserve Their Own Clothing Lines

Olivia Pope was already turning into a style icon on the first season of “Scandal” and The Limited jumped on the change to design collections based on Kerry Washington’s character. The Spring 2015 collection inspired by “Scandal” looks great, and it highlights the need for more TV shows to make connections to the fashion world. Check out a few TV shows that deserve their own clothing lines, based either on a single iconic character or the wardrobe of multiple ones. Game of Thrones… Read More

Ski Beauty Tips – Look Hot on the Slopes

The cold and dry winter air can wreak havoc on your complexion, particularly if you’re out on the slopes for hours, either skiing or practicing other winter sports. Find out how to protect yourself the right way and keep your skin and hair beautiful. Check out some of the best skiing beauty tips, that will help you stay gorgeous on the slopes without any unpleasant side effects like goggle tan lines or windburn. Don’t Skimp on the SPF Snow reflects UV rays so… Read More