How NOT to Handle a Breakup

Whether the decision to break up was mutual, you got dumped or you decided to move on, there are still many ways in which you can make things harder for yourself after it’s done. If you can’t move on quickly, you should at least try to stay away from worst ways to handle a breakup. From getting angry at your ex and deciding you hate him to wallowing in self pity or drowning your sorrows in alcohol, here are the worst decisions… Read More

10 Best Relationship Advice for Engaged Couples

After you’re engaged, things can start to change in your relationship, even if it’s just because of the stress related to the wedding planning. Even if you plan on eloping, your relationship is transitioning to a new phase, and it could use some attention and guidance. Check out some of the best relationship advice for engaged couples and make sure that you’re doing everything right before the big day. Whether you want a big wedding day or a small ceremony, these changes… Read More

10 Dangerous Ingredients in Hair Products

While sticking to natural hair products can be tricky and isn’t always the best choice for your look, some ingredients can be outright dangerous, both for the look of your hair and for your health. Check out some of the worst ingredients in hair products and find out why you should put in the effort to keep them out of your hair care regimen. From alcohol, that dries hair, to more dangerous chemicals that don’t do much for your hair but can… Read More

Celebrities Who Look Bad with Blonde Hair

Many blonde celebrities hide their natural hair color under darker shades or gorgeous reds, while others experiment with lighter shades, then quickly go back to darker tones that suit them much better. Check out the biggest celebrities who look bad blonde, and should definitely stick to darker colors. From experiments with really light shades to really bad ombre effects, here are the celebs that failed to make a good impression as blondes. Angelina Jolie While she technically hides her dirty blonde hair under… Read More

The Biggest Mistakes with Sensitive Skin

If you want to avoid skin issues, you have to be extra careful when you case for sensitive skin. From choosing the right products to knowing how to introduce them in your skin care routine, there’s a lot you need to know in order to protect your skin. Discover the worst sensitive skin care mistakes that can wreak havoc on your complexion. Stay away from these problems and you’ll have less trouble with your skin, so you can focus on looking your… Read More

How to Recognize a Narcissist

When you’re dating a narcissist, you’ll never come first. His ego will always get in the way and you’ll be lucky to come second. Since they’re very charismatic, narcissist can seem like the perfect guy at first, before you start peeling the layers and discovering the ugly truth. Find out how to recognize a narcissist, so you won’t waste your time with a guy who doesn’t have the emotional maturity for a healthy relationship. Here are the biggest signs that can help… Read More

10 Hair Tips for Windy Days

Windy days can be very harsh on your tresses, particularly if you have problems with dry hair regularly. Protecting your hair with the right products and the best hairstyles is a must if you want it to look its best in windy weather. Check out some of the best hair tips for windy days, and make sure that your tresses will be safe and beautiful. From deep conditioning and avoiding heat styling tools to knowing how to handle short hair in windy weather,… Read More

10 Makeover Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’re planning a new look that involves a hairstyle change, new makeup options or a whole new wardrobe, your makeover should be scrutinized carefully before you spend too much on stuff you might not enjoy in a few weeks. Discover the most important makeover dos and don’ts in order to make a big change that you’ll be happy with. From choosing the right moment to considering if you’re ready for a huge change or if you should approach it more gradually, here… Read More

How to Air Dry Hair and Make It Look Good

Skipping the blow dryer is definitely better for your hair in the long run, but in order to get the perfect look you have to master air drying. You’ll need a few products, but the way you handle your hair while it’s drying is also very important. Whether you have naturally straight or curly hair, check out some of the best air drying hair tips that will help you create the right look. Learn how to air dry your hair like a… Read More

Best Reasons to Eat What’s in Season

Whether you’re making choices about your diet based on environmentally conscious ideas or you just want the best nutrition, eating in season is a must. Even if you don’t grow your own vegetables and fruit, you can make the most out of seasonal products by visiting a local farmers’ market. Discover the best reasons to eat what’s in season, a few benefits that will convince you to scale back on out of season produce in your diet. When you eat in season,… Read More