10 Good Reasons to Give Up Coffee

Drinking a lot of coffee can be detrimental, but even one or two cups a day can have plenty of unwanted effects on the way you look and feel. Kicking your caffeine habit is a good idea for many reasons. From the effects coffee has on your teeth, cardiovascular system and even your weight to the way it can impact fertility, discover the best reasons to give up coffee. While many of these effects would be reduced by switching to decaf, remember… Read More

Why Is Your Vegan Cooking So Bad?

photoIt’s very easy to make the wrong choices even when you’re a vegan, from heavily processed foods to a diet full of fried vegetables or refined carbs. The best way to avoid these obstacles on your way to a healthy vegan diet is to start cooking yourself. While there are plenty of delicious vegan recipes available, you should always make sure that you avoid a few errors. Here are the vegan cooking mistakes that can sidetrack your healthy dishes and can lead… Read More

How to Dress Normcore

photoThe portmanteau of “normal” and “hardcore” that gave normcore its name might seem like an oxymoron, but this weird fashion trend made a lot of sense for plenty of people ever since it touched the mainstream in 2014. If you’re interested in how to dress normcore, or just want to learn more about this trend that turns substance over style into a strong fashion statement, check out everything you need to know about normcore, from its inception to the way you can… Read More

9 Ways to Make Your Butt Smaller

While a lot of women would give anything for a Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez butt, not everyone who’s born with it views it as an asset. If you feel like you’d like a smaller butt, there are plenty of ways to achieve it, but the most effective ones will always be weight loss and the right exercise regimen. Find out how to make your butt smaller, from making the right weight loss choices and choosing the best exercises for your glutes… Read More

Best of the Best: Dr. Brandt Skincare Products

One of the most respected American dermatologists, Dr. Frederic Brandt passed away at the age of 65, leaving behind a lot of mourning celebrity clients. However, his legacy isn’t restricted to the rich and famous. Even though he was called the “Barron of Botox” and the “King of Collagen”, Brandt also developed a few excellent skincare lines. While he offered in-office treatments for celebrities from Madonna and Demi Moore to Kelly Ripa and Nina Garcia, and created the “New New Face”, he also… Read More

Should You Get a Pet Together as a Couple?

Getting a pet is the next big step after moving in together for many couples, and it can also show you how things could turn out if you decide to have a baby together. Find out more about the obstacles and potential issues, so you can make this process as smooth as possible. Check out the best tips that help you when you’re getting a pet as a couple. From the right way to split responsibilities to considering every option, here’s what… Read More

Texts You Should NEVER Send a Guy

Whether you’re crushing on a guy, or you’re at the beginning of a relationship, some texts just tend to come off the wrong way. They might be insulting, scary, or just create problems that you don’t really want. Some of these texts could lead to a fight, others are just simply uncomfortable. Find about more about the texts you should never send a guy, because without the tone of your voice and your body language, they don’t really represent what you really… Read More

The Absolute Worst Reasons to Lose Weight

Losing weight when you don’t need to do it for health reasons can be difficult, particularly if you’re not motivated the right way and you choose a wrong diet. The right reasons to do it usually include the fact that being more fit would make you happier and healthier. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that losing a few pounds will make a big difference in their lives, and those weight loss efforts don’t usually have a happy ending. Check… Read More

Surprising Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Growing

Trying to grow out your hair can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you’re giving up weaves and wigs after using them for a long time. Many people have trouble growing out their hair past a certain length, but that is less related to your hair’s growth cycle and has more to do with how you treat it. Check out some of the most common reasons your hair isn’t growing, and find out how to fix them. Keep in mind that your… Read More

10 Beauty Tips You Can Learn from Cats

photoDeveloping good skin care habits and sticking to them is an important lesson, but cats have plenty of other tips and tricks to teach us in the beauty department, from how important it is to get your beauty sleep to the fact that water isn’t always great. Check out the most important beauty tips you can learn from cats, and trust these adorable felines when it comes to improving your skin and hair care routine, and even your makeup. 1. Stay Beautiful with Daily… Read More