Things to Do Before a Full Brazilian Wax

If you want to look your best in a tiny bikini, the full Brazilian wax is the way to go. However, there are plenty of things you need to consider before showing up for your appointment. You need to get your body ready, but also consider your state of mind, particularly if it’s your first time. Here are the most important things to do before a full Brazilian wax, in order to make the experience as less unpleasant as possible. From the right way… Read More

10 Reasons Granny Panties Are Back!

According to consumer trends highlighted by The New York Times, young women are definitely embracing granny panties. In the past year, full-coverage underwear has seen a 17% sales increase, while thongs have dropped by 7%. Find out more about the benefits of high waisted underwear that offers more coverage, and decide for yourself if you’re ready to make the switch from thongs to come comfortable and trendy underwear. Here are the biggest reasons granny panties are back. 1. They’re Comfortable The most important thing… Read More

10 Food Myths That Just Won’t Die

The science behind nutrition is ever changing, and sometimes old research sticks around despite having been disproved by newer and better studies. Take a look at a few common beliefs that are plain wrong, or at least partially misinformed. Once you get to know the food myths that won’t die, you’ll be able to make better nutritional choices for yourself and avoid the misconceptions that many people still spread. Here are the myths that are still sticking around, despite being busted. 1. Vegetables… Read More

Highly Controversial Banned Fashion Ads

Many fashion campaigns are met with controversial reactions, but some lead to outrage and even banning them. Whether they’re too racy, misleading or just inappropriate, many fashion ads have faced restrictions, from billboards to TV. Check out some of the most controversial banned fashion ads, and decide for yourself if the designers and photographers crossed a line. From anorexia to suicide and rape, some of these fashion campaigns definitely played with the boundaries. Kiki Willems for YSL Even though the fashion world has been… Read More

10 Foods That Ruin Your Mood

Too much caffeine can quickly turn a good day into a bad one, but it’s not just strong stimulants that have a big effect on the way you think and feel. Plenty of foods can alter your mood for the worse, particularly if you eat them in large portions. Find out more about the foods that ruin your mood, and why you should make sure that they’re not a big part of your diet. From processed foods to seemingly natural ones, here… Read More

CFDA Awards 2015 Best and Worst Dressed

The 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards, held at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, celebrated some of the biggest names in American fashion, but the red carpet was less impressive than it could have been. Pharrell Williams, honored as “Fashion Icon” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, could easily make the CFDA Awards 2015 best or worst dressed lists, since he showed up in jeans and a blue leather jacket. However, plenty of other celebrities tried… Read More

10 Most Common Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid

Protecting your skin from UVA and UVB radiation can help it look young for longer, while also reducing the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen can help out, as long as you’re actually choosing the right one and using it the right way. Start making sure that you’re applying sunscreen correctly and you’re avoiding some of the most common sunscreen mistakes. You won’t just protect your skin from premature aging, you’ll also reduce the risk of dangerous skin conditions. 1. You’re Not Using Enough Even if… Read More

Get the Perfect Summer Glow with the Best Self Tanners

Get the right glow by using some of the best self tanning products available on the market. Whether you want you face or your entire body to look sun-kissed, here are the best lotions, creams, gels, and mists for achieving that gorgeous tan. Check out the top contenders for the title of best self tanner 2015, and decide which products suits your needs best. From simple self tanning lotions to products that also protect your skin and hydrate it, here are the top… Read More

How to Do Makeup for Rainy Days

While dealing with your hair is probably your biggest worry on rainy days, your makeup also has to be on point. Once you’ve tamed the frizz, make sure that you adapt your makeup routine in order to deal with the high humidity. Check out some of the best tips and tricks that help your get the right makeup for rainy days. From knowing what type of product to use to learning what products to absolutely avoid in high humidity, here are the best… Read More

Eating Out but on a Diet? Here’s How

Sticking to your diet when you’re eating at a restaurant can be tricky, even if they respect all your dietary needs and wishes. If the trouble in your weight loss program is the fact that you eat too few home cooked meals, you can still make progress by sticking to a few rules. Check out the best weight loss tips for eating out, and you won’t have to turn down invitations just because you don’t think you can stick to your plan… Read More