Take a tour in the most impressive Hello Kitty Townhouse Hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan. If you're an incurable fan of this lovely and uber-popular cartoon character, make sure you don't miss the unique experience of visiting a similar interior design masterpiece.

Loyal fans of the Hello Kitty craze would do anything to own another fashion or interior design piece decorated with the portrait of this lovely character. However, this time you'll have the chance to visit one of the luxurious homes of this lovable kitten.

The Hello Kitty Hotel in Taiwan is an actual hotel everyone can visit all throughout the year. Situated in Hsinchu, Taiwan this architectural masterpiece serves as the best spot to live out your wildest Hello Kitty fantasies. A 2,000 sq. ft. mansion with 3 glam bedrooms was opened to the delight of cartoon fans.

Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty House Taiwan

Guests are escorted to the hotel with a glamorous Hello Kitty van. This dazzling townhouse was envisioned by the most talented interior designers. Pink is the central shade decoration is based around. You'll find a Hello Kitty bedroom, living-room along with a suite. Additionally, you'll have the chance to spend some precious time at the spa and the personalized dining-room. Those who wish to pay their tribute to the only cartoon character that won the UNICEF's vote for being the best friend of children and the Ambassador of Japan for tourism in Hong Kong and China. Indulge yourself into a sight-pampering tour around the house and spot your favorite home decor ideas.

Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty Van

Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty House Taiwan Hello Kitty House Taiwan

In spite of the Sanrio Company's desire to control the use and promotion of this character, it is clear that things got out of control. Hello Kitty is now used on millions of clothing items and other products all over the world. Visit Taiwan to see one of the most fascinating and memorable heritages of this mainstream craze, a special memory you can take home with you. Fuel your love for Hello Kitty by visiting one of her luxurious homes.

Image courtesy of Sanrio Company