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Questions & Answers


cessna721 asked:

over 8 years

What are good haircuts/styles for a person with broad shoulders and a long oval face?

I have lost a lot of weight, but still have REALLY broad shoulders and a long, thin, oval face; right now I have long hair with some layers, but am wanting a new style/cut but don't want to draw more attention to my broad shoulders and would like my best assets to show (my eyes, best frame for my face, etc). What are my options? :-/

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gramer asked:

over 9 years

why is my hair so greasy after dying it.

I could wash it 3 times a day and its still greasy!

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bllueicepanda asked:

over 9 years

what to say when a guy calls you a whore

What is a smartass comeback when a guy calls you a whore. And i think e all know the "i know am a whore but i wont fuck you" ut i need something different. Dont say "just dont answer" GIVE ME COMEBACKS Thanks

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xxdesperatelullabyxx asked:

over 9 years

What are some good dares for girls and guys?

Me and my friend are going to hang out with a few of our guy friends and we want to play truth or dare, but we can't really think of any good truths of dares. Any idea? Kind of appropriate please (as in no skinny dipping)!

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bear14 asked:

about 9 years

After foreplay/sex: cracked and/or dry skin on nipples

When my boyfriend and I have sex/fool around (foreplay), most of the time when he sucks on my nipples (this happens after...normally the next day), my nipples are sometimes cracked or have dry skin on them. Do any of you know what this could be? Or has anyone else had it??

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curlygirl497 asked:

over 8 years

Help!! Do split ends make your hair fall out?!

So i haven't gotten a trim since may, which is realllllly bad, but i haven't had the time! i will soon lol. anywayy, i have dozens of split ends. gross. and my hair is falling out like crazyyyyyy. it's never been this thin before. i'm freaking out!! help!!!! Also, will a keratin vitamin help me?

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tornjeansxo asked:

about 9 years

Broken mousse bottle!?

i got the Tousle Me Softly Herbel Essence Mousse and i've been using it and i loved it! but then it kept getting harder and harder to come out. and now it just won't come out at all. BUT THERES A TON LEFT! my friend said it was clogged or something and my dad said the valve (sp?) is broken. how can i fix this without asking the people for replacement or anything?

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midsummer_dreams asked:

over 9 years

How do you make your canines sharper?

Hhehe sorry, mega sad question. Im just a little sleepy & im acting a little wierd, but while im on it, might s'well get it all out. Is there a way to make your canine teeth sharper? i want em sharp like Avril Lavigne (h) muahahahaah (: grrr. sorry im hyper! i feel DRUNK tbh! gaggaallalala loolollol ohohoh judsgbebg Right, sorry. Back in my mind. So back to the question, is there any way possible? (: Sorry, wierdest question. Im probably gonnaa wake in the morning & go WTF DID I RELLE ASK THAT but since im so hyper right now im not thinking so you might as well answer (: & dont tell me i need a mental hospital, cos i already know i do xD

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shutupxdance asked:

over 9 years

My top layers are too short, too much volume ONLY at the top!! .how can I fix this?

I razored my hair today and it all looks good, all except the top of my hair. The top layers are too short, and there's too much volume. It's not REAL noticable, but you can tell the top has too much volume, and it makes the rest of my hair look more thin. Now how can I fix this? I want to grow my hair long, so would growing it out fix it and weigh the "poofiness" down? Would it blend in right? Helllllp!

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music1996 asked:

about 8 years

My mum's boyfriend fingered me last night what will i do .

last night my mums boyfriend who is in his 40s was rubbin my mums feet . when i told them i had sore legs from doing pe earlier that day he offered to massage them for me . then mum went to bed and me ,my little sister and him stayed up watching csi . he then pulled a blanket over me and said that it was to keep my legs warm as he continued masaging he moved up a little and then moved into my pants and then started masturbating me . im really scared and dont know what to do . he then came up to my room and told me not to tell anybody and that hes stick his tongue in me sometime . i dont know what to do . i dont want to tell my mum or the police .

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ibiebes_grande asked:

over 7 years

How can I get Ariana Grande's flawless skin?

I really want Ariana Grande's flawless skin! How can I get it? (If you know what skin care she uses, even better!) Please tell me! I really want to know! :) xoxo ?

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freaklikem3 asked:

about 7 years


Okay so i host events, and m currently out of spot prize questions. Google doesn't seem to have answers. If anyone could help with a few, it would be great. Something like, lady with most peircings, man with longest belt, etc Something funny and different. Thanks a ton.XOXO.

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beautiful_girl asked:

almost 10 years

Ok, I've decided earlier not to relax my hair...I think, I'd go for "Semi-Rebonding".Guys,help me!

Ok, I've decided earlier not to relax my hair...I think, I'd go for "Semi-Rebonding".It will happen tomorrow,but I can still say no.My question, are the effects of this "Semi-Rebonding" is same as the effects of "Rebonding"?(bad effects)I want my hair to be Rebonded,I can afford it,but they said I'm a bit young for that...So about Semi-Rebonding.,Will I experience hair loss?Bald spots?I know that my hair still won't be that straight because it's just "Semi" but,It's the only safe way I think that can straighten my hair .I hate Hair Relaxing because they said that it's chemicals are stronger than those for Rebonding.So...I need tips and advices....Thank you!

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jinee asked:

over 8 years

how to make fair colour of arms ,shoulder & hands

my body colour is fair but arms ,shoulder & hands are dark so plz tell me any lotion or pack which make these fair

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salt_and_pepper asked:

over 10 years

how can i make my boobs bigger???

ok i have the smalledt tits in the world! i can barly fit into a AA!! does anyone know how to make my boobs bigger naturally. no pills or surgury! all of my friend are a b or c some even a d! i get made fun of alll the time. i really am interested in making them bigger. please give any suggestions

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hedleyfan933 asked:

over 9 years

is there a way to make your period come faster?

My period is about 10 days late, and its usually late but I'm supposed to be having a pool party at the end of next week and I don't like to wear tampons so I want to make sure I get it before that. Is there anyway to like speed up the process and make it come sooner, like now?

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ivy_12 asked:

over 8 years

Does Celltone work ?,I need help with my strech marks quick

I need to remove my strech marks on the tummy ,Ive tried Bio oil but it it very slow

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transparentelegance asked:

over 9 years

how to get rid of dried up blood on lips?

i have tried to get it off with soap and water but it won't come please.

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sgolden asked:

over 9 years

what type of developer should i use with a demi permanet color? does it matter?

what type of developer should i use with demi permanet haircolor

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sanat asked:

over 9 years

my husband love to lick my hairy and smelly armpit , how about this in aspect of healthy for him ?

i am a about 30 years old woman . i don,t like to shave my armpit hair and use deodorant because i wand to be natural and think deodorans are harmful for health in long time use. it is my lucky that my husband thinks the same and love my armpit hair and smell.

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