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Questions & Answers


millie-kyle asked:

2 days

Best natural cures for acne

I have suffered from acne for some time. I wondered if anyone has any good natural cures for it? I have tried a few creams from the doctors but nothing worked too well. Thanks

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buy asked:

7 days

Top 3 Eyelash Conditioners to Choose from

Eyelash conditioners are known by various names including serums, eyelash enhancers, eyelash growth products and so on. However, their primary aim is to nourish eyelash follicles and promote their growth. If you are planning to bring about noticeable enhancements to your eyelashes, these serums could truly be a great idea. You could learn more about the top 5 eyelash conditionerbrands from informed portals like LashSerumReviews. The article attempts to provide you enough information about each eyelash brand in brief. Revitalash: An Eyelash Conditioner of Repute Revitalash eyelash conditioner has been around for several years. It has managed to create a name for itself. If you are keen on bringing home a product that delivers sure-shot results, Revitalash must ideally be your pick. You can use it on a regular basis for bringing about enhancements in your lashes. The primary ingredients used include peptides, as well as antioxidants. Therefore, the formulation is indeed a safe one with minimal side effects. However, manufacturers suggest careful usage and avoidance of smudging. In case of irritation in and around the eyes, usage should be immediately discontinued.   Beauty Lash MD   If you are yearning for those perfect, curly, soft and shiny eyelashes, a compound like Beauty Lash MD eyelash conditioner could help in achieving the same. The formulation promises in delivering soft, longer and shinier lashes within a matter of 4 to 6 weeks on correct application. It is also important to ensure that the usage pattern is correct. You need to apply it like you normally apply eyeliner and spread the serum over the follicular roots. The serum would penetrate easily and provide the required nourishment to the lash follicles, promoting healthy growth. However, the compound may not be suitable for pregnant women, those undergoing chemotherapy and for girls below the age of18. Usage needs to be discontinued in case of irritation or allergies of any kind.   Lashfood Eyelash Conditioner   If your eyes are ultra sensitive, Lashfood Eyelash conditioner could prove to be the ideal solution for you. Apart from delivering sure-shot results within a matter of 8 weeks or so, Lashfood promises safety. And this is why it keeps harmful chemicals out. The key ingredients of this formulation includes copper complex, as many as 16 different varieties of herbs as well as essential provitamins. Physicians as certified the formulation as a product meant for sensitive skin and it does not cause any irritation for most users. Therefore, if you happen to be obsessed with safety, this one is likely to be your pick.   Whereas choosing from among the best eyelash conditioners is always safe, it may also be prudent to check out other options along with the top 3 eyelash conditioner brands. Provided you are on a trusted online platform that showcases well researched information alone, doing a bit of extra research wouldn’t hurt. Ideally, you need to settle for an eyelash serum that suits you the best. And once you have made your choice, ordering it online is the best bet!          

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ravi-pradhan-5074 asked:

16 days

Fashion Weekend Shopping

You've been orchestrating it for weeks, you've treated yourself to a flawless room in an inn, now everything you need to know is the place to shop. On the off chance that I may be so pretentious let me manage you adjust a percentage of the shop spots of stylish Bournemouth.   Binnucci might be found on the Westover Road close to the Pavilion. It's a stunning outfit with architect names, for example, Mamut, Picadilly, and Hauber are only a percentage of the awesome marks. The staff are truly cordial and will bail you out on the off chance that you need style guidance or for the basic things like 'does my bum look enormous in this'. There are likewise grand frill from brands, for example, Esino which are beyond words.   Haus is likely a standout amongst the most well known and trendy names in womens manner in the Bournemouth zone with its stunning house mark of Femme fatale. Throughout the Miss Universe rivalry, Miss Great Britain is asserted to have worn a percentage of the Haus dresses. You will likewise discover dresses made only for Haus by architect brands, for example, French Connection. For those women who feel the need to hit a percentage of the prominent clubs in Bournemouth there are exciting pieces from Fever.   Storm With its delightful earth shades permit you to pick colors that work with your skin and hair tones as opposed to against them. The cut of the dress provides for it an arousing quality that compliments the structure and makes you feel 150%. The garments are a truly well made, yet as lovely things so regularly are you need to pay a premium for them. What I would recommend is whether you require them now put it all on the line as you are purchasing quality. In any case in the event that you can let the cash blaze in your pocket a little more hold up till the deals (however you are then not so much going to get that pullover you had your eye on).   With a passageway on Bournemouth's popular St. Dwindle's Walk, River Island Carries a percentage of the best own brand garments in the zone. This years extent is sharp without the satchel strings being to extremely cut. The apparel is made well and to last as opposed to a portion of the style names that accept your just going to wear it once instead of circle it around your closet.   i-beauty99 in Bournemouth The upper store, which is a smallish spot found close to the Royal Bath Hotel, Has a percentage of the exceptionally tasteful names and lines, for example, Armani, Gerard Darel, and Max Mara. The lower store is found on the flip side of Westover and is outfitted towards a more youthful customer base looking for trendier brand names like Versace, Maura, and Perla. The truth of the matter is whether you recognize what shapes suit you a mix of dress from over every line could be utilized to make your closet thrive.

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rawrygawrgrrr asked:

about 1 month

How do I change my email address?

For this website? Because I'm deleting the email that I used to have on here since it was hacked in and I don't want to lose this account. 

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karlita asked:

about 1 month

How do you know when a guy is in to you?

To be honest, I never know when a guy is flirting with me. I only know when my friends tell me. Anyways I kind of had this question on my mind for a while because I am very bad when guys are giving hints. So I was wondering if you could give me some tips.

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kingj2000 asked:

about 1 month

Is it wrong?

I wanna know if it's wrong to post links in my questions so people could look at them? i know there probably isnt alot of gamers on this site but i just wanted to see.

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kingj2000 asked:

about 1 month

I have returned.

Hey guys, im back. I know its been awhile since i been on here. I think i forgot what the site was called xD but im back 2 years later. If you know simple math, you would tell that im 18 now so i can ask bout every damn thing i wanna know about.

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divianna asked:

about 1 month

Do you know who this is?

Really random but I've seen these pictures and some more just wondering who it is if anyone knows. thanks

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techno219 asked:

about 1 month

Do you ladies know it i have 2 new Jewelry sites hand Crafted and Imported items

1: ETSY ( )2: Opensky ( )Great jewelry at a great price

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ria asked:

about 1 month

Hi! I am brand new to this great site!!!

I'm going crazy trying to figure out where I can find a pair of sandals I saw.  The issue was dated 13 March 2014 - I think.  They are a gorgeous pair of stiletto sandals.............sort of aqua-blue in color.  The article was "10 shoe styles every woman should own."  I've tried EVERYTHING!  I couldn't even find the designer name.  Does anybody have any info on these shoes??!!??  Now I'm obsessed!  Thank you!!!  Maria  

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rogers asked:

about 1 month

My boyfriend lost wrestling to a boy.

At our fitness center my boyfriend and I take a defense course every so often. The other day they had us wrestling. The instructor matched my 30 year old boyfriend with a kid who was middle school age and size...And though my bf tried the boy kicked his butt easily with holds and pins. So much my boyfriend's face was red and he looked like he wanted to cry at the end. Ever sense he has seem to have lost his confidence and it is interfering with our sex life. I don't mean to sound cruel but is this a break-up factor, girls? Are some guys just not that strong or good fighters?

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maggie22 asked:

2 months

How can you make eyes smaller?

I've tried tightlining but it only makes my eyes so much bigger :/ Any natural tips anyone?

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gloria-kachelenga asked:

3 months

what needs to be done

how can i find a better way of dieting and not skipping meals at night

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becker1003 asked:

3 months

How should i style this

for promplease recommend some top ideas& hair n make uppp<3

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ivy-liya asked:

3 months

Will You Wear Mermaid Wedding Dress or Princess Wedding Gown?

Hi all, i just wondering if you will choose your wedding dress in mermaid or princess silhouette?Both mermaid and princess i love.Can't decide which one is the most i want.Trendy mermaid or vintage romantic wedding gown, i believe each one will be gorgeous and fashionable.So what will you choose?

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mcgee asked:

5 months

How do I get rid of this body acne?

I get acne like pimples on my arms and thighs. Some people call it 'chicken skin'. It's dry-ish skin , but looks like little pimples and some turn into pimples. I don't know what to try. Thanks 

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smiley-brew asked:

5 months

detox for flat stomach

Water and lemon detox

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lindseed asked:

6 months

to go red, or not to go red?

I am a natural blonde, and I'm looking to do something different with my hair. I haven't dyed it in over a year and I'm getting tired of it. So I'm thinking about going red, but I'm not sure what shade, if I should leave any blonde, or which box color to use? I've added a picture of myself now to use as a reference, but I definitely need some guidance. Thanks in advance! :)

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regina-pearl-1 asked:

7 months

I have blonde hair and I'm trying to decide whether to go dark hair is medium lenght. Also my hair is dry (caused by color processing and natural waves).

Born red, hair is medium all one length, light to med skin tone with freckles. I have colored my hair many times...the dark auburn has always been my favorite but a few family members insists on the blonde...Please note my hair was always cut very short when I go auburn. And I am 53...any suggestions????

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