A stylish nail art design is the must have accessory of the season. Notice how these fun and flirty nail art styles can be matched with casual and more formal looks too.

Search for amazing manicures on the internet or in specialized magazines and start the season with a gorgeous beauty update. It's incredible how many nail painting techniques were invented and are used by aspiring and professional manicurists. Draw inspiration from the stylish nail art designs for summer offered by our favorite Japanese Carol Nail Blog. Pull off a flawless nail style using the best nail polish formulas from the market. No fuss manicures are quick and fun ideas to perk up your appearance. However, if you're lusting after a statement effect, you can combine various nail art trends and rock a more complex nail design.

Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art

After browsing through our list of amazing nail art designs, you'll be definitely addicted to this modern art. If you don't own all the hottest nail varnish shades of the moment, it's time to raid the local beauty stores and stock up on colors that suit your skin tone and personality. These nail styles are by far the most popular manis popularized by fashionistas and celebs on and off the red carpet. Explore the alluring world of chic prints which add a cosmopolitan and playful feel to your nails. The designs everyone can learn are the cool polka dots, simple stripes and heart details. On the other hand, fashionistas who want to put their creativity and handiness to a fab test can try their hand at abstract patterns like floral designs, color blocks and animal print.

Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art

Apply a base coat to prepare the canvas for the rest of the nail art design. You must always prepare your nails and cuticles for a revitalizing makeover. Get a successful result by guaranteeing the perfect conditions for an A-list manicure session. These nail styles are perfect both for relaxed and more glamorous events. Define the impression you want to create with your perfectly-polished nails and choose either from the elegance and feminine designs or from other more playful examples. A DIY nail painting ritual can save you time and money. Start a brand new chapter in your beauty diary by selecting loads of manicures you want to sport during the hot season.

Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art  Flirty & Fun Summer Nail Art