The perfect makeup is always achieved by following the proper steps, using quality products and most importantly adapting the look to occasion and age. If you're searching for a trendy makeup look that will suit your youthful complexion, take a peek at the following styles and draw inspiration immediately for your new hot look!

Looking fabulous is not always attributed to good genes, makeup too can be a perfect beauty booster that can help you switch up your look from day to evening by accentuating your best features. However, age should play a very important role as far as makeup goes, so if you're searching for timeless and trendy teen makeup ideas to suit the spring 2012 trends, take a peek at the following runway inspired looks and draw your inspiration.

As the difference between day and evening makeup, teen makeup should be a bit lighter, not as heavy as youthful skin doesn't look appealing when loaded with tons of makeup. Youthful looking skin is the look most women aim for when applying makeup, so why cover up what you already have?

Teen Makeup Ideas for Spring 2012

A soft and sensual smudged eye makeup cannot make you wrong, so if you wish to make your eyes pop, make sure you've got your eye pencil on standby. Smudge the eyeliner close to your lash line and apply eyeliner gently on your waterline for a more intense, eye popping effect. To obtain a perfectly balanced look dust a rich pigmented blush over your cheeks to obtain that innocent yet sexy flush that grabs attention immediately. Keep your lips looking soft and natural by applying a simple lip balm or a nude colored lipstick.

Teen Makeup Ideas for Spring 2012

The 'no makeup look' never fails, so if you're all about naturalness, make sure you conceal imperfections and subtly enhance your skin's beauty using nude hues. Use a concealer to cover up any imperfections, as for this look to be amazing, flawless skin is mandatory. Apply a subtle highlighter on the top of your cheekbone to give your features a bit of a glow, a fresher appearance that makes all the difference and glide a sheer or nude colored lip gloss on your lips to make them shine and grab attention. Finish your look by curling your eyelashes and coating them subtly with mascara as this way you'll definitely rock this on-trend look.

Teen Makeup Ideas for Spring 2012

Jewel toned lips can definitely boost your sex appeal and there are a myriad of stylish hues to choose from, as opting for a hue that compliments the skin tone perfectly is a definite must. Strawberry lips look fabulous and go along perfectly with a minimal makeup, so pick your best lip tint match. Keep your skin looking flawless and flushed by applying foundation to even out skin and a touch of rosy/peachy tone blush dusted over your cheekbones for that innocent flush that draws smiles. Smudge a white eyeliner on your waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes and you're all set to go and look fabulous.

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