Find out how to apply false eyelashes step-by-step at home! Get Beyonce's Glamorous Diva Make up for prom, date or for a night out!

False lashes are diva must haves and a glam favorite. Beyonce knows it well! They are gorgeous and open up pretty eyes like yours and give you "that thing" to shine like a star..the best choice for prom makeup or for a date!

So, get the diva look at home with these simple but professional tips to apply false lashes!

Step 1
Cut down the work of applying an entire lash with a more manageable half lash at the outer corners.
You'll get the same results but gain more control, so you can do it right the first time without the sticky mess or clean-up.

Step 2
Curl your real lashes to open up the eye and make room for your faux lashes.

beylonce false eyelashesfalse eyelash

Step 3
Trim down the length of the false lashes. Measure them against the curvature of your eyes from the outer corner to the center. Once you've determined the right length, cut one of them and use it as a guide to cut the other one.

Step 4
Dab a tiny bit of lash glue on the back of your hand. Grasp the ends with tweezers and lightly coat the base by running it through the glue.

Step 5
With tweezers, a steady hand, and eyes slightly closed, apply the lashes right above the lash line at the outer corner and hold still for 15-20 seconds to let the glue set.

glam false eyelash application

Step 6
For a professional, seamless look, run a liner along the lash line to cover any visible glue.

Step 7
Finish off with a lengthening or curling mascara. Avoid volumizing and thickening formulas that weigh down and clump lashes.

Last but not least, don't forget to shine!