Become a style diva especially during the holiday by accentuating your natural beauty using makeup. Celebs pose as a great source of inspiration as far as makeup goes as they sport the latest looks, so check out the following styles and draw inspiration for your next holiday makeup look!

Make the best out of your look by experimenting with various makeup looks that are most definitely going to stop traffic. This holiday season spice things up by wearing the hottest makeup styles inspired by some of the most 'en vogue' celebrities of the moment. There are a myriad of stylish makeup looks to draw inspiration from, so pay attention to these universally flattering looks and make sure you're going to shine from day to evening.

Makeup can definitely be your most trusted friend as long as you use high quality products and know the proper steps to makeup application, so take a peek at the following celebrity makeup looks and draw inspiration for your new holiday season look.

Celebrity Holiday Makeup Ideas

Shimmery hues are a definite must have this fall/winter season as far as makeup goes, so enhance your fabulous eyes with the perfect shimmery eye shadow for you. Silver and brown tones are super hot this season and compliment all skin tones, so don't hesitate to give these hues a try. A simple coat of mascara applied on the eyelashes will make sure your peepers will mesmerize from first glimpse. Define your bone structure using a peach/rosy/tan blush depending on your skin tone and finish your ultra seductive look by plumping up your lips with a fierce berry tone colored lipstick. Perfectly balanced, your makeup will be a magnet for attention, so if you're not afraid to play with various makeup products, just like supermodel Miranda Kerr, give this look a try and experience its fantastic power.

Celebrity Holiday Makeup Ideas

Nude and brown tones are the dominant this season, so if you're looking for a day to evening makeup look that will do wonders regardless of your skin tone and occasion, go for neutral hues. Kim Kardashian is a big fan of nude and brown tone makeup, so turn your attention towards Kim's makeup style and draw inspiration. For this look she used shimmery brown eyeshadow smudged around the lower lashes as well and topped with a fabulous and dense pair of false eyelashes coated heavily with mascara. Highlighter applied under the eyes will give you a more glam appearance while the tan blush applied on the cheekbones will ensure your bone structure is beautifully underlined. Finish your look by applying a nude lipstick or lip gloss that will give your look a touch of innocence that will surely attract attention and admiration.

Celebrity Holiday Makeup Ideas

Express your femininity through a bold and ultra seductive look that places a heavy accent on luscious lips. Fierce matte colored red lips will stop traffic, but keep in mind that this is not an easy color to wear. Confidence is a definite must when wearing red lipstick, so make sure you wear your red hue just like Nicole Scherzinger. Complete your look by accentuating your eyes with a black eyeliner applied on your waterline and also close to your eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes or turn towards falsies which you'll then coat using a black colored mascara for a fabulous finish that will make sure you grab all the attention at any event.

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