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Questions & Answers


sanat asked:

over 8 years

my husband love to lick my hairy and smelly armpit , how about this in aspect of healthy for him ?

i am a about 30 years old woman . i don,t like to shave my armpit hair and use deodorant because i wand to be natural and think deodorans are harmful for health in long time use. it is my lucky that my husband thinks the same and love my armpit hair and smell.

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fulltimepinklady asked:

over 8 years

to all 12, 13, 14, and 15 year olds....

I am just trying to understand something; i feel so out of the younger culture growing up its different than it used to be (even though its going to be i know). But I noticed 12-15 year olds go out and date and have bfs. What do you do if you cant drive esp if your date cant either? do you go out anywhere? And what age do most girls start dating and have their first kiss? Just wondering, everyone is welcome to respond-please do!

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beautiful_girl asked:

almost 7 years

A guy keeps on looking at me, but he has a girlfriend. What does it mean? o.O

He's my classmate. During the first week of school, he keeps on looking at me.. I think he likes my classmate, sitting in front of me. That girl looks a bit like me..Small eyes, white, etc..My friends told me I was thinking wrong because maybe he's looking at the girl in front of me. But I am MORE than sure that it was me.. He keeps on looking at me.. after maybe a month, he stopped looking at me..But now, he keeps on looking at me again! Yesterday, it was the first time I talked to him. I told him something about tragedy like.. earthquakes, etc. because it happened in our place. ( Yeah, we live in the same place ) . Then he was like " Really? o.O Weh? Reaally? " ( in a joking manner. like he was teasing me, something like that ) . So what does it mean? o.O He really keeps on looking at me even if I am not on my seat, like I near the board, etc. :P

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xbigsexyhairx asked:

almost 8 years

Are guys ALWAYS horny?

It seems my boyfriend always wants to have sex! Are they ever not HUGE in their pants?

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crazy_izzi asked:

almost 8 years

i dont want to loose him!please help me! :(

it happening all over again. 10 months ago my best guy friend told me that he likes me alot (more than friends ) i rejected him politley because i dont want our friendship to get ruined and i jut like him the way he likes me. i mean i do love him but as my best friend kinda way. when i told him that he got distaned and stopped talking to me. i got really upset, because we are best friends for 6 years and we talked non stop it just thorn me appart. then he got a girlfriend, and that girl was a total b***ch... they broke up evantually and he stared to talk to me again. everything was ok till he just told me he still likes me alot and he was just together with that other girl to get over me which didnt work.... i dont want to loose him!!! he is the only one i got( i dont have alot of friends. just 2 and he is one of those 2) please help me!! i beg of you! :'( xxx izzi

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chloenicole asked:

about 7 years

Yesterday, my boyfriend fingered me and when he took out his fingers, there was a substance on them?

We were in my bedroom and laying on the bed and he fingered me. First he did it with one finger, then two.. After about 2 minutes, he removed his fingers and took them apart as if he were doing the peace sign.. Between his fingers was a white, stringy, sticky substance which freaked us both out.. What could it be?

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samantha_xd asked:

almost 9 years

my boyfriend thinks he's not good enough for me.

i don't know what to do. i've tried telling him over and over, but he doesn't listen long. we've dated before now and back then he was immature and pretty much a dick. that was in 9th & we dated two months. he broke up with me then because he didn't feel like he was good enough or a good boyfriend. so now.. almost 8 months into our relationship (we're seniors now & we had been best friends for most of junior year, so we're really close).. and he's really sweet and nice and shows that he cares.. but sometimes he has a short temper and gets mad at me over stupid stuff. he feels really bad afterwards.. and now he's starting to feel like he isn't good enough again.. i honestly don't know what to do. :( i feel so bad. any advice? :(

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swiss_girl asked:

almost 9 years

Any good couple songs?

My boyfriend and I want a country song that is our song. I'm having some trouble thinking of some. Any ideas are great. Thanks!

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rosecottage asked:

about 6 years

Sarah Richardson Alexander Younger Wedding

what church was Sarah Richardson and Alexander Younger married in?

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caram asked:

about 9 years

The guy I like invited me to his room at 10:30pm to watch a movie alone, what does that mean?

Hes a friend of mine who I see and hang out with everyday. He smiles at me a lot and makes faces at me and teases me. I don't think he wanted me to leave after the movie was over so we talked for 30mins but even then he didnt say I had to leave, but I left anyways. He only invited me to his room and specifically told me that his roommate had gone home for the weekend. I dont know whether he thought of it as just friends or as something more...

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miracleeden asked:

over 4 years

How Do I Approach Him On Facebook

A friend was having a party and just out of curiosity, I scrolled through her guest list on facebook and came across this guy(I wasn't able to attend)He's quite good looking, he seems sort of nice and he's into music like me and I'd really like to get to know him. I found out he's in my same faculty but different course, so we never see each other.We've never met and we've a mutual friend in common. This friend is one of my close mates. I dropped a hint at my mate... no, wait, I actually told him I'd like to get to know this guy and he sneakily shot back at me to make an attempt and just talk to him (some so-called wingman lol)(Darn)Anyway, I'm a shy person when it comes to these situations and I tend to over think things.Part of me wants to just add him on facebook and take that leap of faith and see what happens.The other part of me seems all of this is crazy. He doesn't know me. He might have a girlfriend.I don't know what to do. And my mind just won't keep still.Would it be weird to add him on facebook?And if by some miraculous fate he accepts...what do I say?Help please :(

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sierramarie asked:

almost 6 years

Why does my best friend say he doesn't feelings for me, but he acts like it?

I'm in love with him and have been for a year. He knows because I told him and he figured it out with hints I dropped. A year ago we were like a couple like I was his girl and he was my boy, but it was never official. He used to say he loved me after I told him I did, but than now he says he has no feelings for me, yet he treats me like a boyfriend would treat a girl friend. Can anyone tell me why he is like this?

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karlita asked:

almost 4 years

How do you know when a guy is in to you?

To be honest, I never know when a guy is flirting with me. I only know when my friends tell me. Anyways I kind of had this question on my mind for a while because I am very bad when guys are giving hints. So I was wondering if you could give me some tips.

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starlight1234 asked:

over 4 years

Long distance problems, please help :(

I met this boy years ago who lives in europe & we recently got back in touch. We like eachother and talk to eachother a lot regardless of the time difference. But I live in America. I really want to see him again.... we are both teenagers though. A relative of mine lives near he does & I want to ask my parents to let me go this summer to stay with the relative ( its an awkward situation though with the relative) I have never met her. Im upset I really want to see him again! He does not speak english fluently but we can still communicate with translators even though I know some italian and he knows some english. Suggestions? opinions? thank you <3

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texxassunlight asked:

over 3 years

I think I may be in love wity my best friend?

So I met this guy through two clubs that we both have become super involved in and we became pretty good friends. Over the summer my dad died and he was constantly texting me and just trying to cheer me up. He has become my best friend. I knew I liked him for a long time, but I wonder if I am in love with him? Sounds corny, but I talk about him and think about him all the time, and I get super jealous thinking about him with other girls, even though he claims he doesn't like anyone. We always gossip together, and I'm always trying to find excuses to hang out, stuff like that. He knew I liked him, but thank goodness he's never let that change our relationship, despite people always thinking we are dating and stuff.Do I love him? I know I atleast love him as a friend, am I just muddling that love and my feeling for him. What should I do?

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xpimpperalla asked:

over 6 years

How to tell if a guy coworker is flirting with me or is attracted to me?

So im 16 and just started my first job in retail and theres this really cute hottie whos 17/18 who also just started working for 2 months now; and today when I started my shift he came in an hour later to start his and at first we didnt talk cause i had to finish a project but 15 min later we started talking and i had to ask him for help with a customer but afterwards we talked a little about the customers laughing then i joked with him saying why he was making fun of my shift then he was kidding back saying i can do what i want but for over 2 hours we laughed and he told me some funny stories about himself at a party and i made fun on his driving and he replied back saying i can drive so awesome, but overall we were jokeing around and kept eye contact. I was just wondering if we were flirting or if he was and if he might be attracted to me. Also when would be around other coworkers he gave one a couple rides home and would take breaks with her. Does that mean he likes them?

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i_love_u_amb asked:

about 7 years

what does it mean when your boyfriend hasn't called you pretty or beautiful yet?

well I have been dating this guy for over a month and he hasn't called me pretty or beautiful. So that makes me feel so ugly. PLZ help, I really love this guy and i don't want to lose him.

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borked asked:

over 8 years

First homecoming date, halp!?

So this really nice guy asked me to homecoming this next Saturday. We've been friends for a while and we texted a bit over the summer. My friends knew I liked him and were all 'go on a date!'. So last week after class he asked me to homcoming, and I said yes. Now, the problem is, I have no idea what to do now. Do I go to dinner? Do I need to plan it, or is he going to take care of it? I honestly am completely lost. Last year I went to dinner with a group of friends and their dates, but it seems like this year they're either going alone with their date or with a completely different group. I really don't know what to do.

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princessxfruitxloop asked:

over 8 years

how i turn from a bitch to an obedient girlfriend?

I'm only doing this to mess with one of my ex-friend. but other than that it's complicated.

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