Flyaway hair or as it is also known, static hair is a very frequently met problem amongst women with both long and shorter hair. In springtime, due to the collection of positive charges, your tresses can get out of control, leaving you with nasty flyaways. A bad hair day causes lots of frustration and destroys your look. However, if your hair is perfect, it will brighten up your whole day, lifting your spirits and boosting your confidence. Read on to find out how to get rid of flyaway hair and look stunning each and every day.

If your strands tend to get uncontrollable because of winter or spring weather, don’t panic, as there are some wonderful techniques to help you fight these annoying hair problems. You have probably tried dozens of different methods and spent a lot of money on state-of-the-art hair products in order to get rid of these nasty, unruly tresses.
Check out our tips to get rid of flyaways and get a good-looking, healthy hair all year round!

The main cause of flyaway hair is low humidity or dry air, when your hair tends to lose from its moisture. Therefore one of the most important things you can do to your hair is to use a natural deep conditioner on a regular basis. Homemade hot oil treatments can do wonders to your frizzy, flyaway hair. These over the counter hair treatments are costless and easy to apply right at home. Rub a small amount of oil into your tresses and wrap your hair with a plastic shower cap. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, letting the hot oil to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and nourish your hair then wash it off.

Use Anti-static Shampoo
Shampoos that contain anti-static formula are great to combat flyaway hair and guarantee a proper protection against nuisance flies. You can easily purchase these wonderful products in every drug or beauty supply.

Fix Your Locks With Hairspray
Using a strong hairspray to control your unruly tresses is another great solution you can try out. Tip: purchase a good hairbrush and spray it with hairspray then rake it gently along your hair. This trick works really well as the bristles of the brush as well as the hairspray hold your locks in place.

Opt for Silicone-based Hair Serums
If you want to control your frizzy, static hair choose a silicone-based hair gel or hair serum to fight against this problem in an effective way. These hair styling products offer a great solution to tame your hair, leaving your locks with a smooth and shiny finish.

Use Cream
Another great alternative is to put a little bit of cream or any kind of body lotion into your hands, rub your palms together and run them over the flyaway hairs. Make sure to use a really small amount of cream in order to avoid making your hair greasy.

Dampen Your Hair
For an instant fix, dampening your hair is a great natural way to get rid of static strands. Wet your hands slightly and comb your fingers through your hair. For this purpose, you can use a small spraying bottle as well in order to dampen uncontrollable locks.

Use a Dryer Sheet
If you want to get rid of flyaway hair, running a dryer sheet through your hair is a quick and simple trick to try. This way you can reduce static electricity and you can tame your unruly tresses as well.

Opt for Static-free Brushes
Purchasing a good wooden comb or wooden hairbrush is always a good investment. Besides the fact that they are natural, wooden brushes will eliminate and prevent static and split ends and stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp, leaving you with a wonderful, good looking hair.