There are so many fab haircuts to choose from it's crazy, however, the bob has always managed to top women's preference list, so check out these new trendy bob styles and pick your favorite!

Graduated Cut
Just because your job requires an office-friendly style, doesn't mean you have to be a total bore about it. Long, convertible bangs soften up a neck-lenght cut, while a few lowlights add dimension and a hint of trendiness.
Blow-dry for smoothness, then add a little curve at the ends with your round brush.

Sleek Chin-Lenght
Clean, curved-under edges? Check. Shiny, Frizz-free surface? Got it.

bobbed hairBob haircut

The things that made the bob such a classic in the first place are also what make it fresh and modern today. Style yours for sophistication with hairdressing cream, blow-dryer and round brush.
Use a flat iron to curve edges under, then seal with shine spray.

Angled Shag

shag haircutJennifer Hudson shag bob

Flicked-up edges and a long, swooping crown are two guaranteed ways to give a basic bob a chic little twist.
The greatest thing about this cut is thick or fine, curly or straight.
Just switch up the products you use according to your hair type, then blow-dry with a round brush.

curly bobCool bob haircut