If you want to bring a little more color into your look, get colorful rainbow hairstyles, highlights in lots of neon colors.

Colorful funky hairstyles enjoy huge popularity, whether you sport and emo, punk, Harajuku or scene style. To bring out the best of an ultra-wide palette of colors you might think of stylish tone combos as the following ones.

The colorful rainbow highlights bring interest to a common haircut.

Both on short pixies and super-long strands, vivid colors seem to give an extra load of attitude to these hairdos.

rainbow hairstyles

A handy hair stylist will help you in achieving the edgy look you crave for, but first choose a wash-out hair dye.

Then if you're pleased with the outcome you might consider permanent coloring.

rainbow hairstyles

Rainbow hairstyles echo the hair color revolution of the '80s - remember the stylish hairdo of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun star Cindy Lauper.

Their juice lingers on mixed with the new waves of our era. If you're a self-acclaimed 'guinea pig' you might experiment with these colorul highlights and cuts to make your life wrapped up in a chromatic fantasy.

rainbow hairstyles