Check out Vanessa Anne Hudgens Hairstyle and Haircut and find out how to get it step-by-step!

This is a long wavy hairstyle which is perfect for Vanessa.

Soft shaped long layers have been cut through her top to add height and to accentuate her facial features.

If you have wavy hair and an oval face, this long, wavy hairstyle is for you.

How to get the look?

Right after stepping out of the shower, apply a leave-in conditioner or mist.

Take a quarter-size amount of serum, warm it up by rubbing it between your palms, and scrunch it into your hair.

Use a blow-dryer with a diffuser on medium speed, scrunching the hair as you go along.

Glamorize your up-do with a curling iron by emphasizing your style with a few loose spiral curls around your face or one or two seductively sweeping along the back of your neck.

Creating these curls can be a quick and easy process, but don't forget to spritz them with a little hairspray, or else they may not last the entire evening!