Find out how curvalicious Kimmy K is maintaining her body and how she plans to keep in shape while pregnant.

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy is hot news now, when it looks like all pregnant celebrities are craving for some paparazzi attention not only for them, but also for their baby bumps. The star does not seem at all reticent in showing her baby belly at all, being among those pregnant celebrities who seem to love to be pregnant. Nonetheless, although Kim is pregnant, that does not mean that she gave up working out. On the contrary, she looks more determined than ever to keep her body in shape in order for her not to have difficulties in losing the baby weight that is going to stay with her after the baby will be born.

On the other hand, even if the reality star still goes to the gym on a regular basis, it looks like her routine has been slightly modified. The star loved to work out in the past as well, but now it is harder for her to do the same exercises that she was used to before getting pregnant. This is why her new coach, the famous Tracy Anderson, became the one responsible with her workout routine. The Kim Kardashian pregnancy workout is meant to keep Kanye’s better half in shape, and therefore it has been especially created for her. According to the declarations of her trainer, the priorities of this workout is to keep Kim’s butt lifted up and her muscles toned. In order for this to be possible, Tracy is encouraging Kim to also practice dance cardio. In addition, this new workout plan is also safe and healthy for the baby as well, as it has been developed with it in mind.

Kim Kardashian

For this Kardashian, there is nothing more important than staying fit and healthy during her pregnancy. This is why Kim has started hitting the gym even late in the evening. It looks like working out during the day is not enough for the reality show star anymore, considering the fact that she feels the need to work out after hours, also. Nonetheless, according to her own declarations, Kim is very happy with the workout plan that Tracy has chosen for her, as it seems to fit not only her schedule, but also her body type. As Kim is not very tall, her trainer has developed her workout plan in accordance to her height too, as petite women tend to gain more weight during pregnancy than tall ones. Therefore, the challenge for Kim to stay fit is even bigger.

All in all, the Kim Kardashian pregnancy weight will surely not show too much, especially since the mother-to-be has her very own inspiration for weight loss in the family. Her sister, Kourtney Kardashian has managed to lose no less than 4 lbs. in just 6 months after giving birth to her daughter, Penelope. In fact, Kourtney looks even better now than before getting pregnant. With this kind of persons beside her, it will surely not be too difficult for Kim to maintain her body as it is and even transform it into a hotter one after the baby comes. In the end, nothing is too much for Kanye West who surely wants the mother of his child to look as best as possible.

Kim Kardashian