Exercises for a flat tummy - The only healthy way to a flat abdomen is through healthy dieting and exercises. Here are some exercises that will help you get those flat sculpted abs you always longed for:

If we could select our body type I bet all women would make their tummy nice, flat and well sculpted. Unfortunately that is not possible so exercising and plastic surgery are the only way to get rid of the flabby tummy and get those envied abs.

The most effective exercises for a flat tummy are bicycle exercises and crunches.

Crunches can be done simple by laying on the floor or using an exercise ball. Simple crunches can be done laying on your back on the floor. Put a blanket under you or an exercise floor mat so you won't feel the floor as hard. Place both of your hands under your head and you can hold your knees up or keep your legs flat on the floor. Contract your abdomen and lift your torso until you reach a 45º angle. Lay back on the floor slowly and repeat several times. Start with as many as you can, do the same number of crunches for a few days and after that increase the number.

Crunches using an exercise ball are very effective. Place the ball on the floor and sit on it keeping your feet on the floor. Roll the ball further back so it supports your lower body. Lay back until your body is parallel to the floor. Contract your abs, place your hands under your head and raise the torso until you reach a 45º angle. Lay back again and repeat several times, keeping your feet apart and after that pulling them closer together.

For the bicycle exercise you need to lay back on the floor and lift one of your legs just as you would be standing on your knee. Place your hands under your head and touch your right elbow and your left knee, then switch to left elbow, right knee. Keep alternating the legs just as you would be pedaling on a bicycle. Do these exercises for a flat tummy on a regular basis to get the results.