This talented shoemaker is committed to creating bold and versatile accessories for mainstream fashionistas. Take a closer look at the Walter Steiger Spring 2012 shoe collection and let your creativity rule the accessorizing process when building up a head-turning look.

In order to create artsy accessories shoemakers often have to strip off any limitations when it comes to design patterns. Walter Steiger is one of the highly acclaimed style gurus who knows how important it is to provide the style pack with unique and original fashion items. The new Walter Steiger Spring 2012 shoes collection includes a fabulous selection of high-heel shoes all armed up with the signature arched heel invented by the prophetic style creator. Playoff, Piper, Polli and Praline are only some of the most impressive names given to these statement accessories.

As one of the most talented employee of the Oscar de la Renta fashion house, Walter Steiger succeeded in building up his own company which aims to release series of shoe collections which travel around the world to tame the cravings of aspiring style icons for outstanding footwear creations.

 Walter Steiger Spring 2012 Shoes  Walter Steiger Spring 2012 Shoes

The latest repertoire of wedges and pumps were drenched in lovely shades from purple, orange to green. However, we can also find colorful designs which radiate the much-awaited sunny vibe of warm season accessories. Patent leather when tinted with eye-popping shades will result in a provocative and fashion-forward collection of footwear styles. The feminine flair of these chic sandals and booties is given by the iconic arched heel which turned these accessories into real stand-out pieces.

Walter Steiger provoked our imagination and encouraged us to update our wardrobe with playful and at the same time timeless style items. Put your walking skills to a fab challenge and rock these chic sandals like a real diva. Beautifully sculpted and decorated high heels were designed to help us break out of the shell and flaunt our sensual and romantic side. If you can't get enough of unique and original shoes which can be pierced into your casual chic as well as formal ensembles, get hold of these dapper Walter Steiger creations.

 Walter Steiger Spring 2012 Shoes  Walter Steiger Spring 2012 Shoes  Walter Steiger Spring 2012 Shoes  Walter Steiger Spring 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of Walter Steiger