The French fashion designer also known as “queen of the bias cut”, Madeline Vionnet, turned to be an innovative and extremely creative artist, which fashion critics named the architect between dressmakers. With the house of Vionnet opening a hundred years ago, in 1912, the brand set a unique trend which has been since then religiously followed: sensual, feminine, beautiful and timeless - just like the spring 2010 shoes Vionnet has created.

Designer Rodolpho Paglialunga, the creative director in charge of Vionnet’s latest collection, has done a brilliant job regarding the spring collection for 2010. He re-interpreted and modernly applied the house’s signatures which have made it worldwide famous: the draping techniques and the bias were magnificently present in this romantic and feminine line.

One of Katharine Hepburn’s or Marlene Dietrich’s famous labels, Vionnet still manages today to impress with simple elements, reminding of that golden era when romance, style, equilibrium and elegance were the trendsetters. The golden age was perfectly integrated and easy to recognize in the shoes Vionnet has included in the spring 2010 line, which are romantic, glamorous, embellished with gorgeous gemstones and pailletes.

All the sandals from the spring 2010 Vionnet’s collection are somehow decorated and turned into something magical: the embellished sandals sometimes feature silk bows, colored shiny stones or mini sequins or ribbon wraps. They definitely make the right statement: by wearing them, any woman becomes a Hepburn in her own way.

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