Two magnets in fashion getting together couldn’t be better news for this spring. The French designer Jean Paul Gautier, famous for its nautical patterns in early collections, then for the freedom of expression in all the others, has teamed up with Levi’s to create a new men’s spring collection for 2010. The most famous brand of denim worldwide, Levi’s, founded in 1853, has a strong reputation of a very influential power regarding jeans and denim products.

Jean Paul Gautier has brought up his unique touch when deciding to collaborate with Levi’s, and men should feel pretty lucky for that. The classical cuts of Levi’s are, in this spring collection, enhanced with Gautier’s signature: some maritime strips, some cuffs in jeans which reminds us of bondage practices, couture, innovative vision and his edgy style.

Meanwhile, Levi’s cannot be compared with nothing else. Always open-minded, always with a step ahead all others, young and cool, Levi’s subtext is success. For this collection, the gigantic denim brand has included two if its iconic products ever, the 510 jeans and the Trucker jacket, reinterpreted in a modernist, fashion-forward attitude. Shirts and other jackets and model of jeans were, of course, also included.

Made mostly of raw denim, the collection born between Jean Paul Gautier’s collaboration with Levi’s already enjoys great success.
Everybody’s talking about it and can’t wait to enjoy those sexy jackets and jeans with the characteristic red stitching and stripped patterns. And women should feel as lucky as men are, since this collaboration also included women’s items.

Urban, contemporary and stylish, the women line born from this collaboration is already fashionable, one if the outfits already being spotted worn by Rihanna.