Start your new season makeover by investing into fancy yet versatile accessories that will definitely ensure a multitude of options for mixing and matching with the fun Moschino handbags for fall 2012.

A return to the classy, tried and tested approach can be easily noticed in many of the fall 2012 accessory collections, particularly when it comes to bags. Practicality is placed back into the spotlight after being left aside in favor of statement pieces. Luxury and versatility combined in a series of lust-worthy designs is also the leading option for the Moschino label which provides several varied alternatives for ensuring your needs are well taken care of during the cold days.

While not shying away from color or pattern, the new season handbags are definitely catered towards the investment part of the design with countless of interesting vibes that don't compromise versatility. With a series of well defined color touches and modern structures that complement a variety of outfits without becoming overly conspicuous. One thing that can be noticed, however, is that the label puts a lot of accent on chain bags which get reintrepreted in a number of ways.

Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags

Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of the chain bag is the hybrid between a fabulous shoulder bag and a glamorous backpack. If there's one single piece in the collection that can ensure it can fit the role of a statement bag, this would definitely be the main candidate. Another exciting idea is the patent leather handbag with round studs on the sides which combines simplicity with statement making touches and that can definitely prove a fab alternative for those looking for a few rock chic vibes.

Textural touches like the quilted pattern, metallic details or the distinguishable patent leather finish along with the purposeful color contrast are all the strategies needed in order to create a wonderful look. This season, you won't have to choose between visual interest and versatility. If you choose the designs of the high end label carefully, you'll be able to have them both effortlessly.

Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags Moschino Fall 2012 Handbags

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