The Malaysian fashion designer who conquered the world, Jimmy Choo manages with each of his collection not only to maintain its international fame and reputation, but to increase them every season. Each of his products speaks high quality, which, combined with a superb design and an inspirational texture, represent Choo’s secret mantra to success. The Jimmy Choo Tatum fringe bag is one hip bag everyone secretly desires. Find out more about it!

Jimmy Choo’s iconic status reflects in each of his collections. Literally haunted by fashion critics and fans, Jimmy Choo is one of the most popular brands in the world. After all, it’s really no wonder. Juts take a look at each of his products, his shoes are perfection, and his bags are must-have. One major must-have is also the Tatum fringe handbag, a very inspirational creation, bohemian, chic and definitely sexy!

Jimmy Choo Tatum Fringe Shoulder Bag Jimmy Choo 2010 Bags Jimmy Choo Tatum Fringe Shoulder Bag Jimmy Choo Tatum Fringe Bag

Even though most people aren’t into fringes, this bag is surely going to change your mind. First of all, their positioning is actually a great one, as they are placed only at the bag’s bottom. Then, the fabrics used when designing the bag are again amazing: part leather, part suede, with woven pattern and impressive embossed patches. This bag is really great!

It is accessorized with delicate detailing, like the gold tone hardware or the chain straps. The logo appears only on the logo plate on front, keeping the rest of the bag’s design simple and clean.

If a designer is capable of turning simple fringes into luxury details, his name would be Jimmy Choo. The Tatum fringe bag, available for $2,858 at Saks, is a stylish accessory easy to pair with many of your wardrobe’s items.
It’s sexy and comfortable, featuring a zipper pocket, an open pocket and another zipped pocket, on the back. This appealing, chic and definitely bohemian bag will inspire you every time you wear it!