Contrast through texture and fabulous fabric choices rather than ultra flashy prints are the style strategies designer Ricardo Tisci used in order to create elegant ensembles that exude high class and versatility with a modern touch. Easy to wear yet clearly structured, the looks have definitely enchanted the audience at this edition of the Paris Fashion Week.

Elegance with a subtle understated touch as opposed to ostentatious, ultra colorful outfits tend to dominate at the spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week and the latest Givenchy collection beautifully aligns with this unwritten standard, presenting a fabulous array of outfits in a much more relaxed approach from what designer Ricardo Tisci has created so far for the Givenchi label.

Structured jackets, eye-catching textural details, metallic touches for a more spectacular effect, sheer touches or statement necklaces are some of the main style highlights that the brand endorses in the latest collection of the brand. Exotic skin touches can be observed in some of the outfits presented, however this style tendency remains rather subtle. With tones such as ivory, khaki, salmon pink, pale orange and of course, the ultra flattering black tones that have become a trademark for the designer of this fashion house, the choices presented become surprisingly wearable.

Touches of asymmetry are carefully placed thoroughout the collection for a touch of carefully controlled edginess that makes the outfits presented so lovable. Accessories such as ankle strap sandals, chain clutches or thin belts complete the outfits perfectly, without necessarily standing out. Versatile yet edgy and luxurious, the combos presented have the potential to appeal to a wide range of female customers.

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