With so little time left until the new season's official debut, it's high time to define your style choices. Let femininity be your secret weapon for the hot season with a myriad of stylish and affordable choices from the Forever 21 spring/summer 2012 collection.

Hard as it might seem to believe, spring really is around the corner and the preparations for the new season couldn't be more exciting. Some of the Forever 21 pieces for the new season have surfaced and we must say we're head over heels with many of the pieces included in the new collection. While we have become quite used to seeing '70s vibes reflected in the mainstream, it's nice to see that retailers are finding ways to highlight lady-like allure in more than the obvious ways.

Channeling a retro '60s vibe, the brand manages to highlight a multitude of lust-worthy pieces in some of the most exciting style directions for the months to come: floral prints, the always adorable polka dots pattern, the asymmetric touches that are guaranteed to add a fun touch to your outfits within seconds. As most fashionistas would recall, midi skirts where a hot trend in the previous seasons and the reinterpretation of the trend done by Forever 21 is just classy enough to still sport such looks while looking up to date.

Forever 21 Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Forever 21 Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Forever 21 Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

With dresses as a major focus, there are plenty of fabulous alternatives to choose from in this department, sleeved dresses that can offer an interesting vibe while sharper, more body fitting ones can help you look sharp for a multitude of occasions and that have a more modern vibe. It's also worth noticing that while a multitude of pieces are centered around neutrals, the bold tone trend is also well reflected by strong saturated tones like royal purple and eye-popping green tones. Red is another hue you might want to add to your hot new season colors list.

If you had trouble believing that the lady-like elegant options will reach mainstream retailers as a leading trend, you will definitely become convinced soon. Fortunately, the trend has a multitude of variations that can work for different personalities and circumstances. Still, upping the style quotient of your outfits this season is still relying greatly on adding a few feminine touches to your look in whatever form you choose as long as you feel comfortable and confident.

Forever 21 Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Forever 21 Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Forever 21 Spring/Summer 2012 Dresses

Photo courtesy of Forever 21