There's no doubt that some fashion shows are more awaited than others and this is definitely the case with the D&G spring 2012 show that is about to start. Get a glimpse of some of the best style trends endorsed by the brand with the first backstage pics and stay tuned for the latest updates from the collection!

Designed to be a sub-brand of Dolce & Gabbana that has a strong urban, youthful vibe, D&G has become a powerful style influence that can definitely rival with some of the most reputable luxury brands with a considerably longer tradition. From what we can see so far, the latest collection announces to be extremely interesting from the color point of view at least.

Carefully created prints and lots of bold colors appear to be the main focal points of the collection. Lots of carefully selected paisley prints, vibrant tones and golden touches are just some of the style suggestions the brand has prepared for us. The emphasis on femininity continues to be the main style direction embraced by the brand for the spring summer 2012. From clothes to accessories, every aspect is bound to attract a lot of attention.

Glamor, femininity, boldness flooded the D&G runway at the Spring 2012 Milan Fashion Week and the designs definitely lived up to the standards the brand has previously set. Take a quick look at some of the hottest style trends endorsed by the brand.

Despite the repeated delays, the D&G fashion show was definitely worth the wait as it was one of the most colorful, eclectic and fun collections from this edition of the Fashion Week. Fun, eccelctic, heavily accessorized and a bit over the top, the looks are definitely diverse yet extremely luxurious.

Flowy vividly colored sundresses, ultra short skirts, a melange of fabulous eclectic prints with a definite 90s vibe, sexy shorts, cropped tops, ultra rich golden tones, fabulous strappy platform sandals and long statement earrings were some of the highlights that immediately stood out at a quick glimpse of the collection. Vivid green tones, serene yet intense blues, royal yellow or eye-catching red tones are some of the top hues that the brand endorsed for the new season.

Lots of statement bags in varying sizes completed the outfits emphasizing the idea that shyness has no room in the era of self expression and that boldness and unforgettable combos inevitably go hand in hand at times. Given the overall tone of the collection and certain style details such as gold coin shoulder duster earrings, it wouldn't come as a surprise if the gypsy culture was one of the sources of inspiration for the collection.

Beauty wise, the brand was a little more reserved, showing off a fairly toned down subtle makeup style and natural looking straight tresses. Given the attention grabbing pieces the models have worn, the beauty looks seem a fabulous and intuitive choice.

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Backstage photos via Twitter/@noor_alnaimi