Kate Moss is the image of the Brazilian lingerie brand Valisere for 2010. The 36 year old model looks better than ever despite of the fact that many voices claim that Photoshop might have been overused to create this flawless image. Check out Kate Moss's latest fashion project and find out more about the latest fashion trends as far as lingerie is concerned.

Kate Moss is oozing sexiness and self confidence in the latest Valisere campaign proving that for some women age really is just a state of mind.
Even though she might not be at the peak of her career, the world famous British model is still very busy, showing no signs of slowing down or thinking about retiring. Her innate beauty, undeniable charm and grace have persuaded Valisere managers that she is the perfect choice for their latest advertising campaign.

The photos, made by Gui Paganini show the beautiful fashion legend in various postures that are sexy and alluring being extremely tasteful yet undoubtedly exciting. If at first a black suit is used to create a classic image by placing somewhat masculine accents or a white tee for a more angelic and innocent allure, the photos become bolder and bolder as we have the chance to see accessories becoming fewer and fewer.

The red lingerie is also presented in an interesting approach as it creates the image of exotic dancer due to the well chosen details. Although most lingerie pieces come in solid color like black, blue, dark green or red, a floral printed pattern that somehow anticipates the fashion trends of the next season is also presented. If the other lingerie styles create the impression of a classy gown up sexuality, this lingerie style is an example of a more youthful style.

While the photos taken while standing suggest a certain understated authority, the sited poses suggest self confidence. The slightly disheveled look or the snake skin pumps suggest a relaxed attitude that is backed up by the inner confidence that is immediately noticeable.

Even though this ad campaign has been well received by critics, there are many voices that claim that the airbrushed teenage complexion and flawless features presented in the pictures, make Kate up to 15 years younger than she really is and feel that a more natural touch would have created a much more realistic result.

What is your opinion about the model's latest project as well as the her image?

Photos via fashiongonerogue.com