The Lulu Frost for J.Crew holiday 2013 line might just be the perfect option for adding a bit of sparkle to your festive look. The vintage-inspired jewelry brand teamed up with the retailer for the seventh time and it seems that the options are getting better and better every single time. It seems like the popularity of The Great Gatsby movie still proves a worthwhile source of inspiration for jewelry designers who keep bringing exquisite options inspired by the roaring twenties.

The Lulu Frost x J.Crew “Harvest Moon” holiday 2013 collection is no exception, featuring a multitude of stunning retro inspired baubles with plenty of colorful alternatives with an edgy yet classy vibe. Statement jewelry is here to stay, and looking at these cool pieces from the new line is quite easy to understand why. These pieces become strong focal points that instantly add a refined yet modern allure to any look and can be worn during more than one season. The Lulu Frost for J.Crew Indian summer necklace is one of the best examples, however, the principle holds true for most of the pieces from the new accessory line.

Lulu Frost For J.Crew Harvest Moon NecklaceLulu Frost For J.Crew Indian Summer Necklace
Lulu Frost Solarwave NecklaceLulu Frost For J.Crew Midnight Moon Tassel Necklace

One of the most unexpected offerings from the Lulu Frost for J.Crew holiday 2013 collection are shoe clips. Designer Lisa Salzer, told that their surprising versatility and high impact were the things that persuaded her to include them in the new line: “I think they totally transform the shoe. Anything from a cool casual loafer to a great stiletto—it just changes it completely. You can wear them on your dress strap or clip it on your sweater. There’s endless ways you can use the clips.”

Lulu Frost For J.Crew Harvest Moon BraceletLulu Frost For J.Crew Indian Summer Bracelet
Lulu Frost Solar BraceletLulu Frost For J.Crew Opulent Shoe Clips

The lavish Lulu Frost x J.Crew “Harvest Moon” line includes shoe clips, gorgeous crystal embellished earrings, bracelets and necklaces featuring high impact tones like burgundy, light blue, emerald green and saturated black. The gorgeous pieces included in the new line have prices ranging from $98 to $298.

Lulu Frost For J.Crew Shoe ClipsLulu Frost For J.Crew Gray And Green Shoe Clips
Lulu Frost For J.Crew Harvest Moon EarringsLulu Frost For J.Crew Equinox Earrings
Lulu Frost Solar EarringsLulu Frost 14k Gold Code Ring 0
Lulu Frost 14k Gold Code Ring 1Lulu Frost 14k Gold Code Ring 3

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