A well chosen piece of jewelry has the power to transform even the most dull outfit in an elegant and refined one. The Alex Perry for Diva spring 2011 jewelry collection is a genuine proof that an affordable style is entirely attainable, as long as you make choices that are in your favour. Take a closer look at the wonderful jewelry pieces in the collection as well as at the styles presented.

Tasteful, classic jewelryy is an absolute must have for every woman, both when it comes to formal outfits as well as less formal ones. Although jewelry can be a fabulous addition to any outfit, relying on these stylish accessories to make a lasting impression can prove to be quite costly on the long run. However, this is certainly not an issue for Alex Perry, who has chosen to continue his fruitful collaboration with Diva through a stellar collection with lots of interesting pieces at an affordable price range.

Elyse Taylor is the new face of the Alex Perry Diva High Summer 2011 collection. She looks absolutely amazing dressed in a variety of classy, feminine and extremely sophisticated outfits, managing to capture the overall spirit of the collection with a breath-taking precision. Pastel hues, embroidery, sheer details, airy fabrics and floral touches all emphasize femininity and delicacy.

Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery

No details are left to chance in this spectacular lookbook. The nude lips makeup style, the classy hairstyles and even the background are fully supportive of the idea of ladylike elegance. Despite the multitude of the accessories displayed, the overall looks are surprisingly well balanced. Pearls, feathers, floral details, gold details are a few of the style elements that can be found in abundance throughout the collection. Many of these details were spotted on some of the most important runways, thus becoming important fashion trends for 2011.

Chandelier earrings, layered necklaces, bangles, heavily embellished bracelets or cross pendants are some of the options you can choose from. With 35 pieces to choose from, shortage of options is certainly not an element that can be attributed to the collection.
With so many different details based on various inspiration sources, finding the most alluring pieces is only a matter of knowing what compliments you best and focusing your search accordingly.

Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery

Combining the ladylike elegance with modern elements has a truly unexpected effect. The looks created have an amazing capacity to appeal to women of all ages by providing distinct definitions concerning femininity and even glamor, a fact that clearly shows that Alex Perry has broadened his vision in terms of targeted customers. Dynamic and undoubtedly complex, with pieces that fall mostly on within the $20 range, the collection can appeal even to the most frugal minded fashionistas.

Alex Perry for Diva High Summer 2011 Jewellery

Photo courtesy of Alex Perry