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Questions & Answers


rgpt105 asked:

2 days

Have you tried airbrush makeup?

I have heard a lot about airbrush makeup. Anyone tried it? Please share your views or feedback on it I want to buy it.

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gee_jade asked:

12 days

Milk of Magnesia for Oily Skin?

Hello dearies :) have any of you heard about using Milk of Magnesia to control oily skin? I've watched tons of videos on youtube and some makeup artists swear by it especially for brides on their special day. However, do you guys know if it's flash photography friendly? Thanks so much!

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loza asked:

17 days

How do you get rid of back acne?

I have been experiencing some back acne problems over 2 years or so and I cant find any ways to get rid of it. Its embarrassing to where dresses or go swimming in public, every other girl and all of my friends don't seem to have it i want to get rid of it but I just don't know how. Help!!! :0

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sensei asked:

about 1 month

how to make kikyo hairstyle

Make kikyo hairstyle need to be answered quickly

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texxassunlight asked:

3 months

I think I may be in love wity my best friend?

So I met this guy through two clubs that we both have become super involved in and we became pretty good friends. Over the summer my dad died and he was constantly texting me and just trying to cheer me up. He has become my best friend. I knew I liked him for a long time, but I wonder if I am in love with him? Sounds corny, but I talk about him and think about him all the time, and I get super jealous thinking about him with other girls, even though he claims he doesn't like anyone. We always gossip together, and I'm always trying to find excuses to hang out, stuff like that. He knew I liked him, but thank goodness he's never let that change our relationship, despite people always thinking we are dating and stuff.Do I love him? I know I atleast love him as a friend, am I just muddling that love and my feeling for him. What should I do?

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davie2010 asked:

3 months

Help with foundation.....

I'm looking for a new foundation  I am currently using smartshade by almay and have tried Revlon Colorstay as well.  I am really looking for that flawless look and I just cant really seem to get it.  Anyone have any suggestions for a foundation and powder that can give me that look? Also I think I also want to expand my eyeshadow collection, any brand or color suggestions?> Thanks

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honeylissabee asked:

5 months

How do you go from auburn to ombre brown to blonde

I recently colored my hair for the first time in 4 years from a light brown (natural hair color) to an auburn color. I really love it, and it suits me, but I'm also considering my next move. I was blonde as a child, and it eventually darkened to brown when I was around five or six (with it getting lighter in summertime and darker in winter. I was considering trying blonde, but I'm not much for keeping with the upkeep of blonde hair and the roots, etc. So, I thought an ombre style would be ideal.I work retail, so I never have two consecutive days off, so I would need to do this all in one go. I'd be willing to use Color Oops or something like that to strip the dye out the night before going to a salon (I don't want to mess around with this on my own), but my hopes is to do cut and color all at once. 

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jersey01 asked:

5 months

Need Ideas To Find the Hairstyle & Makeup Now at "60"!

I've been wearing the same Hair Style Type Forever & my Makeup Routine Hasn't Changed Since I was 30+ yrs old! Now my Age is Making It necessary To find "New more Complimentary Hair Style & Colorin; But also Changing My Makeup To Soften My Look!"

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jersey01 asked:

5 months

What Change In My Hair & Makeup Should I. know At "60?"!

I turned the big "60?!" This year, I have Gained "Mid-Section Weight", My Face has Laugh Lines that look like "Marionette Lines"! My Jowls are Starting to droop & I've Been wearing my Hair "Long Layered *Shag Type, Hairstyle Since High School? I used to "Frost my Ash Brown Hair, But now have it "Caramelized" With Multi-tones of Brown w/shades of blonde! Makeup I'm still Applying the Same Since 1990's, though I don't use as much Foudation, In NC the weather is too Humid!

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berekiss asked:

6 months

What do I wear to a Kickback???!

My friend is throwing a kickback to celebrate our hard work during homecoming week/month.  I have never been to a kickback were I live before so I have no clue how things work here.  Were I used to live they were a bit fancy and I know for a fact that they are not like that here.  Can someone just give me advice on what I should wear?

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sarah-geatz asked:

8 months

How do YOU think those celebrities photos got leaked?

8/31/14 a hundreds of celebrity photos got leak. The most notable celebs that were victims were J lawerence and Kate Upton. 

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randompanda7 asked:

8 months

Need a hair color!!!

Last time I dyed my hair was about a year ago and my roots are really bad, I get compliments on my "ombré" xD I have a pretty pale skintone in the winter and every time I've dyed my hair it looks red for a week or two before the color settles down. I need a good color that will go with y skintone. My hair looks kind of yellow right now and I don't think it works with my skin. I don't want to go dark because I've always been blonde so it's kind of a signature 

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mick asked:

8 months

How to contact Gmail customer service .?

contact -1-800-405-7988| If you have lost your gmail id password contact this toll free number and call any time this is a 24 hours open for your service . A forgotten password is not the only issue that you manage on your own with easy Gmail tactics. On losing access to account, users are given with account recovery option which allows them to verify much like password reset process and then access to account is provided.

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keykey-xxx asked:

8 months

Would I Suit Scene Hair?!

Ok so, I've been fed up with my hair for ages now so was looking through hair styles and came across scene hair. I saw this hairstyle and fell in love. Now my parents arent too keen but i loveeee it. My only worry is that it won't suit me. I dont want to get it cut then find out it looks horrible. I'm gonna ask my hairdresser next time i see him anyway but i wanna know what you guys think?? My friends are a mixture of no's and yes's so thats not useful. So, 1. Would it suit me?? 2. How much maintenance is it?? 3. How long would it take to grow back out?? Thanks (ps the attached photos are me)

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babiedoll asked:

9 months

Have I been friend zoned?

So our school's formal is on Saturday and I have a date. He asked me a couple of months ago when he got my number off of my cousin and we've been talking non stop since then. We've both confessed we have feelings for each other numerous times and been on a number of dates. I've met his parents and his friends and all of them like me. The other night I brought up the idea of making our relationship exclusive, but he told me that he won't make a relationship exclusive until he's had sex. I don't want to have sex but I want a relationship with him. Because we've become so close and helped each other through so much neither of us want to lose each other. We talked last night and mutually agreed to stay friends but this morning he sent me a good morning message with copious amounts of love hearts and kisses. I'm so confused? Please help?

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sissyslut3657 asked:

9 months

Do You like guys who get french pedicures

I went to Roses Nails today and had my first ever french pedicure, I loved it and will be going back. Do women like men with french pedicures or pedicures with color?

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rawrygawrgrrr asked:

10 months

How do I change my email address?

For this website? Because I'm deleting the email that I used to have on here since it was hacked in and I don't want to lose this account. 

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karlita asked:

10 months

How do you know when a guy is in to you?

To be honest, I never know when a guy is flirting with me. I only know when my friends tell me. Anyways I kind of had this question on my mind for a while because I am very bad when guys are giving hints. So I was wondering if you could give me some tips.

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