Missed Kelly Rowland lately? The Vegas magazine July 2012 issue gives you a chance to see what the star has been up to. Check out some of the most important details regarding the star's new album next.

Kelly Rowland has stepped out of the media's spotlight in the past months, but it seems she's ready to take on the world once again with a brand new album. The singer sits down to talk with Vegas magazine about her new projects. Ever since she started her career in 1997, she managed to stay consistent with her projects. Still, she didn't lose any of her enthusiasm on the way.

In fact, she proves even more enthusiastic as time goes by. The star confessed that she feels even more enthusiastic about the new album than the previous one:“I am more excited going into it this time than last time, [her third solo studio album, Here I Am, came out in 2011] because I have a concept. I’m making this album for my ladies, oh, yes, and it is strong. All of the producers I’ve been working with get the concept so much that they brought in a little more aggressive—and sometimes masculine—approach, but there is a really incredible top line: I want to tell women how incredible we are, how our intuition is so spot-on. Sometimes we don’t listen to it, but it is the thing that can actually make us happier.”

Despite the fact that the album's target audience are women, Kelly is pretty confident that the songs will catch on for the male audience as well: “I know that men will buy it,” she says. “Y’all will definitely buy it and sing to it. You’ll say, ‘I can’t believe I’m singing to this!’ If you want to learn about women, listen to my next album!”

She might have had quite a bit of success with her dance projects, but she didn't forget the musical influences that were closest to her heart, R&B: “What triggered it all was when I was on tour last year with Chris Brown. I stopped by Hitsville U.S.A. [the nickname for Motown’s first headquarters in Detroit], and saw all of this history; it filled my soul up to the point where I wanted to tell my story. To me, it’s really about having something to say, and people love that. That’s what’s so great about Adele: She is a storyteller.”

Just as she gladly recalls the tunes that are close to her heart, the singer isn't shy to admit that she greatly treasures the time she spent being a part of Destiny's Child. Furthermore, she has a great amount of respect for both of her former colleagues: “Destiny’s Child was a huge part of my career, and I think it’s only natural for people to refer to Destiny’s Child when referring to any of us. For people to call us one of the greatest female groups of all time—are you kidding me? Beyoncé and Michelle are two incredible women and deeper than what the public sees. Destiny’s Child, to me, was a sisterhood and a kinship that the three of us shared. You want people to respect that you have your own identity as an artist, but they also remember how they met you.”

Photo courtesy of Vegas Magazine