Nicki Minaj is the latest star that is ready to leave a colorful mark on the beauty industry with her very own collection for OPI. Set to be released early in 2012, the nail polish collection that consists of six vibrant tones will probably fly off the shelves with the speed of light

The OPI brand is well known for the variety of successful celebrity collaborations like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry or, more recently, the Kardashians. The brand is all about continuing this popular trend and is planning to surprise the fans with another fun and glamorous collection in collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj, who has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics in the past uses her love for eye-popping colors to create a memorable nail polish collection for her fans. Having the ultra popular star at your fingers is no longer just a dream as the 6 hues collection is set to be released and sold in stores by January 2012.

As the brand has gotten us used to, the six shades have names inspired by Nicki's songs, mostly from her debut album to be able to add personality to the collection and make the tones easier to remember. Here are the six vibrant yet sultry tones you'll be able to purchase a few months from now:

Metal 4 Life – a statement charcoal silver hue
Fly - a vibrant aqua blue tone
Save Me - a glittery rainbow tone
Did It On Em - a sassy neon lime shade
Super Bass Shatter – an intense purple crackle topcoat
Pink Friday -a gorgeous glittery pink tone

Although there's no information concerning the pricing for this colorful and glittery collection, taking into account the previous collections done in collaboration with A-list celebs, it can be safe to assume that the shades from this collection will be somewhat similar if not identical. Visit the brand's Facebook to get the latest updates concerning the collaboration.

Are you excited by the new collaboration? Will you be purchasing any of the tones presented?

Nicki Minaj for OPI 2012 Nail Polish Collection