Butter London has already prepared for the months to come with a lovely set of tones. Check out the five fab nail polish tones the label has prepared for the fall/winter 2012 season.

Summer has been fairly generous in terms of nail color trends and effects and it's still extremely fun to see the multitude of alternatives these months offer. However, as we get to see more and more near future offerings, we get plenty of good reasons to feel optimistic and excited as well. Our latest obsession? The Butter London fall/winter 2012 collection featuring five new delightful shades.

The exuberant vibe of summer is beautifully replaced with sophistication and elegance. The tones can surely lift spirits in the rainy days to come as they are extremely fun and have a few retro vibes which definitely manage to make the entire experience a lot more pleasant. A highly pigmented base is the common element of all the new tones the label brings in the near future. Glittery touches are always a spectacular option worth indulging in for an effortless glam vibe. 70s vibes, disco divas along with autumn symbols proved the right sources of inspiration behind the following tones:

Lovely Jubbly – red, gold and blue flecks in a vibrant magenta base
Trustafarian – sage green with gold flecks
Gobsmacked – deep charcoal with tiny silvered particles
Shag – deep copper shade with golden shimmer
Dodgy Barnett – light grey shade with silver particles

Between glitter and holographic effects, experimenting with these heavily pigmented shades will surely prove interesting. As you might know, these tones are '3 Free' meaning they don't contain formaldehyde, toluene or DBP (dibutyl phthalate). These tones are already available at Nordstrom.com for $14 per bottle.

Butter London Fall/Winter 2012 Nail Polish Collection

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom