The Sephora Disney Ariel makeup collection will soon be available. If you've been a fan of the Sephora Disney princesses inspired lines so far, you'll definitely want to check out the new line inspired by The Little Mermaid! There's something particularly exciting about seeing childhood's fairy tales transformed into trendy makeup products, especially when Sephora's longtime experience in the industry comes into play.

The new Sephora Disney Ariel 2013 makeup collection is fairly extensive and contains many cute options which also happen to have a trendy vibe, being perfectly in tone with the mood of the season. With a multitude of shades and different finishes for various possibilities, the new line is certainly worth considering. Plus, all the cute names for the new shades will definitely remind you of the childhood heroine's story. Choose among:

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (2)Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (9)

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 3 Ariel Edition ($55)

Create the coolest eye makeup styles with these fabulous hues:
Blue Lagoon - Shimmering blue
Scuttle - Shimmering pinky beige
Flounder - Matte nude
Sebastian - Matte coraly pink
Flotsam - Deep blue charcoal
Sea Shells - Shimmering ivory
Les Poissons - Dusty satin mauve
Caspian Sea - Shimmering rich turquoise
Your Voice - Glistening silver peal
Unfortunate Souls - Matte lavender grey
Atlantica - Shimmering sea foam green
Fins - Glittery mermaid green
Sick of Swimmin’- Shimmering opalescent
Ursula - Pearly purple
Sha La La La - Matte dark fuchsia
Triton - Shimmering gold
Wanderin’ Free - Shimmering pink champagne
Jetsam - Deep teal with dark iridescent glitter
Sea Witch - Pearly violet
Treasures Untold - Opalescent pale pink

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (3)

Part Of Your World Eyeshadow Palette ($30)
Love fabulous iridescent tones? Then the Palette from Sephora might be just what you need:
Who’s-It - Glittering white
Dinglehopper - Iridescent light teal
Snarfblat - Violet with iridescent glitter

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (5)

Sephora X What Cha-Nail-Callit Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50)
Get the coolest manicure and pedicure by mishmashing various nail polish shades! Make your nails stand out with these sea-inspired hues:
We In Luck Here - Creamy coral red
Hotter Under The Water - Creamy plum
Ariel - Rich pearly turquoise
Off The Hook - Pearly silver chrome
Life Is The Bubbles - Iridescent glittery shimmer
Devotin’ To Floatin’- Pearlescent teal

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (4)

Mermaid Song Lipgloss Set:
Channel your inner mermaid with these ultra seductive lip gloss tones and get ready to become the center of attention:
Dream Girl- Perky pink
Sea Witch - Bold berry
Redhead - Rich red
Mermaid - Courageous coral

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (7)Sephora Disney Ariel Collection 2013 (6)

Kiss The Girl Eau de Parfum:
The new Sephora Ariel collection wouldn't be complete without a special scent inspired by the beloved character. The line presents a fab romantic scent in two fab versions:
Kiss The Girl Eau de Parfum Spray, 50ml($58)
Kiss The Girl Roll On Eau de Parfum($19)

A compact mirror is an essential element in every cool girl's makeup kit, which is why the line also includes the Set the Mood Compact Mirror. The Sephora Ariel collection is set to be released this July.

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