A quick glimpse at MAC Cosmetics' newest summer 2012 collection created in collaboration with renowned fashion label Ruffian is all it takes to fall in love with it. Check out the super stylish Ruffian x MAC lipsticks and couture press-on nails and pick your must gets!

A new collaboration has captured all of our attention as the result is irrefutably irresistible. The collaboration between renowned makeup label MAC Cosmetics and New York fashion label Ruffian sparked a massive wave of interest as perfectly polished lips and matching sophisticated looking nails have become a priority when it comes to beauty and style.

The Ruffian x MAC collection displays the hottest and most popular hues this year, making them a perfect option to consider not only for the summer of 2012 but also for the rest of the year as well as red, black and nude are the colors that conquered designers this fall season. Ruffian designer duo, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais took their love for cool innovative manicure designs and color and with the help of MAC, transposed their ideas in a press-on manicure collection that features matching velvety lipsticks that will surely not go by unnoticed. The designers told InStyle that:

“Every season Claude and I start with the manicure idea and it really forms the collection. Ruffian is always about a story, about a movie, about a film. It’s cinematic. There is something so Ruffian about the ephemeral, that it will last just for a moment. We think the French have this allure and it’s all about lingerie and red lipstick and red nails. Matching your lipstick to your nails is classic but still post-modern.”

Ruffian x MAC Lipsticks & Press-On Nails Collection Summer 2012 Ruffian x MAC Lipsticks & Press-On Nails Collection Summer 2012 Ruffian x MAC Lipsticks & Press-On Nails Collection Summer 2012 Ruffian x MAC Lipsticks & Press-On Nails Collection Summer 2012

The super chic designs display Ruffian's signature half-moon manicure, which is a reinterpretation of the oh-so-popular traditional French manicure featuring two color tones in either ebony and gold, red and black, or beige and black. The nails are easy to use, so browse through the designs and matching lipsticks and pick your best match as they are all amazing:

Demoiselle Nails and Ruffian Red Lipstick - pointy shaped red/black nails with matching red lipstick

Spectator Nails and Ruffian Naked Lipstick - round shaped nude and black nails with matching nude lipstick

Demilune Nails and Ruffian Gold Lipstick - square shaped black and gold nails with matching shimmery gold lipstick

The collection will be available for purchase for a limited time only starting 18 June at MAC Cosmetics, so grab on to your favorites as soon as they hit the shelves and boost your natural beauty and style effortlessly!

Ruffian x MAC Lipsticks & Press-On Nails Collection Summer 2012

Photos via InStyle, fashionshowphotos.net