The new MAC Cosmetics Magnetic Nude 2014 makeup collection features a multitude of great options which can come in handy after the holidays. The post holiday season is interesting: on the one hand, glittery festive tones begin losing their appeal, while on the other hand spring tones still feel quite out of place given the low temperatures. However, nude tones are a different matter altogether. The new MAC Cosmetics collection for winter/spring 2014 brings a couple of old favorites into the spotlight, so it can be a great choice to restock on some favorites. Here's what you'll be able to indulge in soon:

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish
The best-selling Superb tone makes a comeback, along with two other interesting tones:

Superb – soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer
Magnetic Appeal – medium tan with fine golden sheen
Fairly Precious – peach with dimensional pearly sheen

Mac Cosmetics Magnetic Nude 2014

MAC Extra Dimension Blush
Also included in the new line are three versatile, flattering blush tones that can create a stunning look:

At Dusk – mid-tone cool pink
Autoerotique – mid-tone coral rose
Pleasure Model – soft terracotta with pearlized pigments

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
If you are a fan of the In Extra Dimension eyeshadows, one or more of these five delicate tones can prove a good pick:

A Natural Flirt – iridescent light pink
Sweet Heat – soft peach pink
Silver Dawn – mid-tone gray mauve
Platinum Love – bright silver
Amourous Alloy – deep terracotta copper

Mac Magnetic Nude 2014 Eyeshadows Fluidline And Blushes

MAC Magnetic Nude Lipstick
A flattering lip color can be an instant pick-me-up, especially in the cold winter days and these cool tones are definitely worthy candidates for the task:

Close Contact – creamy peach
Carnal Instinct – deep brick red with gold pearlized pigments
Morning Rose – soft cool rose
Sensual Sparks – mid-tone cool caramel

MAC Magnetic Nude Lipglass
A hint of shine can take any makeup look to the next level and these gorgeous tones are sure to make a strong impact:

A Quiet Roar – creamy off white
Steel Kiss – mid-tone mauve with green pearlized pigments
Hellbound – brick red with gold pearlized pigments
Oh My Darling – pale yellow pink
Over Spiced – mid-tone muted coral

Mac Cosmetics Magnetic Nude 2014 Collection

MAC Magnetic Nude Fluidline
Three stunning long-wearing eyeliner tones can help you add a touch of drama to your eye makeup:

It’s Physical – brown with purple pearlized pigments
Chilled – frosted white gold
Our Secret – metallic brown with red pearlized pigments

MAC Magnetic Nude Opulash Bad, Bad, Black
The Opulash Bad, Bad, Black mascara in - you guessed it - Black is sure to become a beloved essential in any beauty enthusiast's makeup kit.

MAC Magnetic Nude Brush
Last, but not least, the line includes two brushes which can help you get perfect results every single time:

128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush
235 Split Fibre All Over Eye

The MAC Magnetic Nude makeup collection will be launched first in the U.S right after Christmas, on December 26, and internationally starting with January 2014.

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Photos: MAC Cosmetics